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Hey guys...quick question.

I am in the market for a PDA, but I don't want to go the usual Palm or iPaq style device. What I am interested is in the unusual, but still with features that are useful. (I enjoy unusual products. :) )

Here are a couple for example:

Sharp Mobilon TriPad PV-6000

I love this one because of its sub-notebook style. It seems to have enough features that I will find it more than useful for my needs, and since it runs Windows CE, there is scads of software out there I can get for it. I love the fact that it has a Compact Flash slot for memory upgrades, theoretically I should be able to use any size CF card.

Sharp Mobilon HC 4500 or 4600

Somewhat the same as the PV-6000 except for the fact that it is more compact. Again, the memory is upgradeable and it uses Windows CE.

So I guess what I am looking for is a palmtop type PDA. My only requirements are that it must have a colour screen and the memory must be in someway upgradeable. OS and things of that nature are not as important, and since I am looking at used or devices that are a couple years old, no more than $250-$300.

Anyone know of any others?
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