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Hope you can help.

I love my 1998 Dodge intrepid, 2.7L, 140,000 miles, But the last 45 days I have had this problem, Started when I changed my plugs, new champions, then the car has had this slight miss at idle around 500 - 600 rpms, so I pulled, regapped and reinstalled, still has the miss, Thought it might be the IAC, so I removed and replaced, miss still there, seafoamed through the vaccum Line and changed the PCV and the gummy hose, Miss still there, Turn the A/C car runs like complete crap, (shaking and shuddering). when I drive on the Highway, car is good till I hit 45 - 50 mph then she shudders but past 50 smooths out and runs fine. Checked the vacuum lines all good, cleaned the Throttle body, replaced Air Filter with K&N freshly oiled and installed a Tornado. I got a CEL code 2 days ago for P0302 misfire in #2, swapped coil pack to # 5, reset CEL, now just got the rough idle.

16 June 06 drove home from work roughly 7 miles, CEL on checked codes P0303, slight miss in park and Neutral barely noticeable, idle rough under load.

Changed all 6 plugs and still after car reached operating temp the hesitation and miss still there.

Can anybody think of anything else? Please Help
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