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I changed out lock cylinder on 2000 dodge intrepid and starts up and everything but when i put it in Park the key wont come no matter what i do and i cant lock my doors when in park unless i use alarm to lock it

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There's an ignition interlock cable (mechanical, not electrical) connecting the shifter and the ignition switch. The cable needs to be adjusted.

In the instructions below, when you remove the shift knob, there's a screw in the knob from the front side - move the shifter rearward so you can get either a allen wrench or torx bit (I forget which) into the screw head. Loosen the screw while gently lifting upward on the shift knob. The tip of the screw fits into a positioning hole in the shifter shaft. You'll get to a point in loosening the screw where the screw tip clears the hole in the shaft, and the shift knob will come up and off the shifter shaft. Don't loosen the screw anymore or it will fall out. Perform the adjusting procedure, then put the knob back onto the shaft. If the screw tip catches on the top of the shaft as you lower the knob, loosen the screw gradually until the knob drops down just past that point, then lower the knob while applying a very slight tightening torque on the screw so the tip of the screw drags on the shifter shaft. The tip of the screw will catch on the hole when it gets to it, then you just tighten it into the hole. Put moderate-to-heavy torque on the screw when it bottoms to securely lock the knob in place.

From the FSM:

(1) Remove the shifter handle.
(2) Remove the console bezel.
(3) Move the gear shifter to PARK and the ignition key to the LOCK position (Fig. 356).


(4) If the interlock cable is being replaced, remove the pin to allow cable to “self adjust.” Press locking clip (Fig. 357)by hand to secure adjustment.
(5) If the interlock cable is not being replaced, the pin will not exist. Loosen the locking clip (Fig. 357) on the interlock cable to allow cable to “self adjust.” Press locking clip (Fig. 357) by hand to secure adjustment.


(6) Install the bezel on the shifter console.
(7) Install shifter handle.

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