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Most of you will probably think this is horse crap, but i'll tell you anyways. And this wasn't a kill in my intrepid, this was in my moms 1997 V6 3.0L Dodge Caravan.

I was on bruce b. downs coming back to wesley chapel from home depot, and I had some crap in the back so only the second seat was in. It was some light stuff, nothing heavy. Anyways, this riced out Toyota Echo (yes, toyota echo) pulls up next to me at the stop light before the construction merges you down to two lanes. This guy had it all, the nice rims, tinted windows, fart muffler and "Type R" sticker.

I guess he sees me look over at him and start laughing like hell, and I notice him inch up and I did the same. I figured this would be an even race and mommy wasn't in the van, so what the hell :) . Light turns green and we're off. I had it floored the whole way and I slowly got ahead of him and I heard that fart muffler whining like hell. I beat him to the merging of the lanes, so he couldn't do the ricer fly by. I slowed back down to 55mph and the ***** road my ass all the way back to wesley chapel at SR 54.

My first race wasn't in the trep, but ohh well. I figured it was a good enough kill to post.
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