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infinity sound

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hey everybody, just to let you know....if you put an after market sound system in your trep and it has the infinity sound system, make sure you activate the amplifier that comes with the system.....i wasted and hour redoing all of my connections after i didnt get any sounjd. I eventually called moss motors who referred me to sound sensations in sanbernardino ca. you can activate the amp by placing the power ant wire from the head unit to the unused wre coming from the braket. I used my acc wire for this, and everything seems t be ok....just to let you know........i also have a 7" monitor in the car now, its tight with dvd....laters
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Hmmm...that's not a bad idea...

How did you mount it to the dash? Just curious, cuz I was thinking of doing something similar...

Thanks :)
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