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Info on R/T Common problems or issues

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Guys, love the site, and your posts. As you can tell by my site name, I'm hurtin for an R/T. Found a 2000 R/T loaded with just under 500 miles (yes hundred) for 21 K. Going for a test drive this weekend.

Just wanted some background on any issues common to Intrepids or particularly R/Ts. Hope to join the ranks soon. Really enjoy all the pics. Helps me deal with the R/T dt's.


R/T Lust
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Welcome....I have a 2000 R/T and i love the way it drives.....the only thing I hate is that I cant find any mods for it.....everything has to be custom made and that involves madd money. Other than that, I think that is a sweet deal for an R/T. :D
Thanks man, hope to get it. Haven't been this nuts over a car in a long while. I'm debating on 2001 vs 2000 though. I can get leather in the 2k1, and it wasn't available in the 2k. (Is this right?) The problem is have to weigh more mile for same money just for leather. The 2K i'm talking about is inferno red w/ all options.

BTW, noticed something interesting yesterday. Have you seen a 2002 R/T? Picked up a brochure (helping the Dts as I mentioned) and noticed the standard front clip-grille SE/ES on the R/T. No offense to those guys, but hated it. Sticking with 01, 00 R/T. (Not that I could afford 29,500 for an 02 anyway)


Originally posted by R/T LUST:
The 2K i'm talking about is inferno red w/ all options.
Ummmmmmmmm........... good choice!!!! :)

The 2k DIDN'T come with leather as an option. Personally, I don't miss the leather. But, if you gotta have the leather, than 2k1 is your best bet (other than 2k2).

I too wish there were more aftermarket mods for the R/T, but as a design/product engineer I find it challenging to develop my own mods. :)

Hope that lust turns into love! :)

And welcome to the boards!!! :D
Not for nothing... but all three of the guys that met up with me during the NY meet REALLY digged the leather i had in my '01 R/T. And one of those guys has a '00 R/T with no leather. The other two had '99 models that had no leather.

I would think twice before you decide so quickly you dont want leather. All it takes is to sit in someone else's ride that has leather to make you think differently. ;O)

Lets just say ill never buy another car that doesnt have leather again. :)
I wanted leather, but I am reminded about the leather incident in a friend of mines car. ever sit on leather on a nice summer day in florida? some days i can't even touch the steering wheel/armrest/seatbelt clip/shifter. sometimes i start the car and let the a/c cool it off before jumping into it. but now that the weather has cooled off, it's a different story.
I want leather so bad in my 2K that I'm going to buy an aftermarket kit and have it installed...Custom leather interior...not the stock stuff...
leather sucks anywhere where the temps vary a lot. in texas, for instance, you can get 105s, 110s easily in the summer. you stick to the leather and it's gross. in a good winter down there, you can get a couple days of 15s and 20s. then the leather is brittle and feels like you're sitting on a box, at least until the heater warms up the interior.

under the right conditions, yes, leather is very nice, but i personally wouldn't want to own a car with a leather interior.
it's true, people don't like Leather until they sit in it for awhile. My wife HATED leather, wouldn't even look at cars with leather until I started buying cars with it, now she realises that leather is worth the money, spills wipe right off with a damp towel, the warm feeling it has in the winter, and best of all...that god leather smell in a new car can't be beat.

I was at work once with my old SHO and we had an unexpected summer rainstorm, of course most of us had left our windows and sunroofs open, all the cloth interior people were bitching and laying down towels to drive on, I took a spare t-shirt I had in the trunk, wiped the water right off the seats and drove away happy.

Really what I am saying is leather is great, it would be very hard for me to buy a car without it.
Anyone see what I'm seeing about the 2k2 R/T front clip? I looked a bit closer after posting last night, and see that the it is not anything like any 2001 model, instead, had little fins inside the larger opening.

Not as nice as say the front of PjPills car.
What do you think?
I have no idea what you mean. Can you post some pics?
I think he is referring to the black inserts that used to be around the grill and fog lights, 2K2 does not have these, here is the new front end
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I don't think so Randy, look at the pic, looks like a one-piece setup, would be a ***** to paint.
I was just pointing out that the inserts were still there (althought they may now be one piece). From the post above, it seemed like they were saying were gone completely....

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could be....not sure...from tthe picture it looks like the whole front cilp is one-piece...nut then again it is only a picture from the catalog, would be hard to judge until I see one in person and taka a close look, the only 2002 I have seen was the SE, so I can't judge by that
Thanks Joe, thats exactly it. I was gonna post remarks from Candyman under 3rd Gen, 2002 pics. Someone in there posted a link to MSN w/ pic of 2002. I think its a 2001 in the pic. Different that your post.
Front clip is idetical to all other year R/T's except its painted monotone instead of body color and black.

Probably to save a few pennies
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