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it's true, people don't like Leather until they sit in it for awhile. My wife HATED leather, wouldn't even look at cars with leather until I started buying cars with it, now she realises that leather is worth the money, spills wipe right off with a damp towel, the warm feeling it has in the winter, and best of all...that god leather smell in a new car can't be beat.

I was at work once with my old SHO and we had an unexpected summer rainstorm, of course most of us had left our windows and sunroofs open, all the cloth interior people were bitching and laying down towels to drive on, I took a spare t-shirt I had in the trunk, wiped the water right off the seats and drove away happy.

Really what I am saying is leather is great, it would be very hard for me to buy a car without it.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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