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djpill- I installed mine and the insructions were very clear. My memory, after about 11 months, is not. As I recall, the front is a 2 screw as is the back, but they send some clip things to use like a nut behind the fender material. Did I have to drill an extra hole? Don't remember, but I'm sure the instructions told me everything I had to do. And the back ... hmmm, I think I had to take the wheels off to do them.
thrasher - I have Inf Red and there is enough black on the car that they fit right in. I had splashguards painted on another car and the guards are just flexible enough that even with the prep and special primer, those suckers were very prone to chipping and cracking. I'll never paint guards again!
Look at my photos on the R/T owners photo page.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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