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About three weeks ago I sent an email into Terk asking why their XM Driect products only supported a sub-set of Mopar OEM radios.

The product manager for XM Direct wrote me back this morning. He went on a bit about how different the new CAN data bus (J1939) is from the older PCI standard (J1850) and how those differences were causing some interesting headaches for their reverse-engineering guys. He also said that they plan on one more upgrade to their J1850 products before end of life. Mopar was the first 'major' to start moving to J1939 and it caught most of the after-market by surprise in 2004.

XM Radio is working hard to encourage and subsidize the after-market to develop and sell integrated plug-and-play XM receivers that will work everywhere a OEM/factory Sirius receiver is available.

The RB4 and RBQ are aparently an interesting side-branch of the Mopar radio line because they are made by Harman/Becker (in Germany) and not Alpine designed/built as are most of the rest of the Mopar radios including the RB1. Audiovox and XM Radio are looking at whether or not the existing BMW and Merc XM Direct adapters will work with the RB4/RBQ because the BMW/Merc telematics stuff is also made by Becker.

No comittments, but at least a vague explanation as to why the RB4/RBQ are treated differently.
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