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'98 Intrepid ES 3.2 Stone White

Newer pics toward the bottom of the post!

--->Click here for the fullsize pics<----

Stuff thats been done to the car:

(1)Dealer installed Chrysler vent visors
(2)Head Unit - Pioneer DEH P5900IB
(3)Subs - 2x12' Kicker CompVRs
(4)Sub amp - Kicker ZX1000.1 mono amp bridged at 2ohms (1143 watts)
(5)Rubber "stubby" antenna
(6)Mr. Cool Tint (percentage unknown)
(7)20" Foose Spank 5's
(8)Kumho ECSTA Supra 255/35/ZR20's
(9)Lowered 1 1/2" w/Eibach Pro Kit springs
(10)Modified Civic intake with bored out 90*
(11)AVS GT headlight covers
(12)Custom painted tail lights (black)
(13)painted calipers (black)
(14)JoeKD fog light mod (deflector removed) thats right, I said DE-flector!
(15)Eibach decals applied to lower rear door windows
(16)DEBADGED hood emblem!
(17)Painted exterior B and C pillars (gloss black)
(18)Custom painted "FOOSE" logo license plate
(19)Painted fuse cover box to match intake
(20)Converted to Synthetic (Mobil1) @39,136 miles
(21)300M cluster installed (Thank you Keith!)
(22)Debadged all lettering
(23)Painted sail and
(24)door speaker covers Silver
(25)Painted ATC knob and
(26)Head unit trim to match Silver
(27)Painted Shifter and radio bezels silver
(29)3" neon (blue) installed in rear a/c vent
(30)5' neon rope (blue) installed under dash
(31)6" neon (blue) radio bar
(32)3xLED (blue) "spotlights"
(33)"Dodge" letters off of one of the doors painted chrome and added to passenger side of dash for that "retro" look
(33)CHROME floormats! ($12.99 @ AdvanceAuto)
(34)Intrepid leather hood bra - (thank you 01RedMS)
(35)1ST second gen with a 1st gen illuminated ignition ring
(36)300M leather console lid - (thank you SpydermanES)
(37)300M Chrome interior door handles - (thank you Gigamight)
(38)300M replica shifter (chrome overlay) (thanks Titleist)
(39)Chrome decal (thanks Helen!)
(40)Multi color LED underbody kit (thanks Ebay!)
(41)Spoilers4less Concorde spoiler w/LED brake light
(42)3:89 gears (Thanks FiXXer!)
(43)300M Autodimming mirror (thanks A1 Salvage)
(44)300M Auto headlight switch (thanks A1 Salvage)
(45)300M ? Chrome window and lock switches (Thanks TFC!)
Braggin' Rights '06 Pics from both days Here and Here

SuperBowl '07 meet pics

Orange Park mini meet pics

Vivid Reality pics

Braggin' Rights 06 - Jackson, SC - 3rd place domestic mild

(Dig the "Dodge" door letters painted chrome, and affixed to the pass. side of the dash...I believe a first!)

Added some blue neon to the interior

-----------NEW PICS added 05/04/06------------

We have liftoff!

Now look REAL close... can you see where the "Intrepid" letters were?

-----------NEW PICS added 05/02/06------------

Can't tell from these pics. Looks pretty good from here eh?


Here she is before her lowering job...

Here's a good before and after the spring install...

More "Lowered" pics!!!

The short rubber "Stubby" antenna...

Like a lion, resting in the shade of a tree, waiting... patiently...

Custom painted tails!!!

Special thanks to Mathwiz for the image

My old sig pic...

10/22/[email protected] a.m.

at Dunkin


Was cleaning out the glove box, decided to scan and post.

2 Kicker CompVR 12"s

And a Kicker ZX1000.1 mono running bridged @ 2 Ohms.

Natural Lens flare

<embed width="430" height="389" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src=""></embed>

A popular pose...

Out for the evening...

Who can be the first to put sticky handprints on Daddy's windows? Ready? Go!

Keith, "stealing" my BR'06 trophy! (caught in the act)

Chrome switches added *09/24/07*


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Oh man, I'm loving them more and more everyday! they actually look lower today than they did last night. Now that the struts have adjusted themselves to the springs, I can't even tell from the ride. Nice and smooth! And the handling? OMG!!!

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Nice ride :bigok:

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Looks awsome man, I like the Foose wheels. Nice man

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:smokin: Very Very Good!

Nice wheels
Thanks for the compliment. I'm noticing that you have had over 1600 posts,
but not a single pic... whats up? :Eyecrazy:

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IntrepidBus IV said:
Very nice stance to it. Looking real good! Doesn't even need anything else, I'd maybe throw a mild spoiler on it, but that's it!

Ya know, the whole time I've had the Trep, Ive never even thought about a spoiler. But, now that you mention it, I think it would look pretty good!
Do you know a good place to get one?

Thanks for the compliments!

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r0meo021 said:
WOW, nice ride... How did the alignment go after the lowering?
Thank you! I was supposed to get the alignment done today, but my dude had something come up. So hopefully I'll be getting it done in the next day or two.
Luckily I only live 5 min. from work and the max speed limit from here to there is 45mph, so I'm not really worried about tire wear as of yet. It feels pretty straight actually, although I'm noticing a little negative camber in the rear.
It'll all be good in a few days :smile-l:

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Got the alignment done today, finally! Only thing I had to buy (other than the camber kit that I bought a couple of weeks ago) was a stabilizer bar for the rear, where it looked like the guy that had the car before me tried to
stick a jack under it....(dumbass)

Anyway, a couple of new little mods:

JoeKD's fog light mod (reflector/deflector removed)

Calipers painted (black)

Eibach decals applied to lower rear door windows...

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I had the day off today and fiinally built up the courage to initiate the tail light mod project. I figured "what the hell" I used my roll of black vynil sticker stuff for the design
cut them out with scissors. Lightly sanded with 1000 grit, used Krylon paint (2 coats of flat black, 3 coats of Gloss black, and about 3 coats of clear.
I'll get some pics up soon, if they turn out well. If not, I'll be at the dealer buying new tail!
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