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Kinda basic, but here's a year to year chronology of the updates to the Intrepid starting with it's inception in 2001:

1993 Model Year

All-new Intrepid introduced as first in series of cab-forward designs. The LH line (as it was code-named), include a Chrysler and Eagle version

1994 Model Year

Horsepower increased from 153 to 161 in base 3.3-liter engine

Electronic-controlled auto transmission revised for smoother shifts

Air conditioning standard on all models

Touring suspension now standard on all models

Variable assist power steering standard on ES, optional on base model

1995 Model Year

Automatic transmission modified

Remote keyless system revised

1996 Model Year

Reduction in noise and harshness

1997 Model Year

Upgraded radio in base model

Sports handling package optional in base model

1998 Model Year

Totally redesigned model introduced with new aluminum V-6 engine

Model features increased interior space with more refinement, cloaked in an even more futuristic body shape

1999 Model Year

Few minor changes

2000 Model Year

Performance R/T model added to line

Base model fitted with 16 inch instead of 15-inch wheels

2001 Model Year

Base model renamed SE

Front side airbags optional

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Nice are missing a couple points:

LHS and New Yorker added to the LH line.

New Yorker discontinued after a 50 some year existance in one form or another within Chrysler.

LHS discontinued after 8 years. Now known as Concorde LXi and Limited.

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Yeah, I know it left out some stuff, I got it off a website.

If we are going outside the Intrepid line, don't forget:

Model Year 1997

The last year for the sporty Eagle Vision. Followed soon thereafter by the division itself.

Model Year 1999

300M added to LH car lineup.

Model Year 2001

Special Motorsports Edition Intrepid introduced. Available on any model from SE to R/T.

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Compression dropped on 3.5L engine from 10:1 to 9.5:1


Automatic Transmission fault fixed
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