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The Intrepid is on loan to a niece, her newer Toyota needs more engine work than the car is worth, so rather than get rid to the Trep, it's going to serve as the family back up vehicle.
My regular ride is now a Jeep Cherokee. Weird story that comes with this one.
Decided on a return trip from the Eugene area to take Highway 99 instead of the freeway. Just south of Oregon City, I saw this Jeep sitting in front of a tow company.

The look and a $1475 price tag, well I just had to take a look.
The 5.2 (that's 318 cid for us old guys) run very well, and the Jeep doesn't drag to the rocks on the way to our shooting location.
The old Trep is still running good, so I guess it will stick around for a while.
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