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So today we put some old Intrepid parts I had...

-2nd gen AutoDim mirror
-Leather Shifter
-Lighted Visors
-Old maplights + sunroof switches (non-OTIS/EVIC)

on a

1993 Dodge Shadow!!!

We also installed a JVC KD-G430 head unit into said Dodge Shadow!!

Oh and this Shadow's a piece of work... rear quarter glass is spiderwebbed, the hatch doesn't lock properly so it's tied down, one of the back doors doesn't open, the automatic windows don't work anymore, and it's missing front headrests. The air conditioning, however, is flawless.

Also, I drove it for about 75km at 130km/h and it ran smoothly as hell.

My Trep's old parts live on!!!
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