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Intrepid R/T vs Taurus SHO

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Was on my way to White Bear Dodge to see one of the 2002 R/T`s with the crome wheels. Just got off of Hwy 694 and ahead of me is a red SHO about a late 80`s with two teens in it. The light turns green to get onto White bear Ave N. The do a half way good burn out but really jerky. At the next light i pull up next to them and rev the motor the look and nodded. Thought they just dont look like know how to drive a stick. They start spining the tires as it turns green and then kill the motor i just take off easy laughing. He restarts his motor and guns it he just starts to catch up and i hammer it and pull away no problem. About a block down i turn into the Dodge dealer and they go by they didnt look to happy.
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Yes but you had to turn into the dodge dealer for repairs. No Intrepid can resist breaking down at the sight of a dealership(maybe not every time, but it sure seems that way). They must be made to do that. Ford's have an advantage, The newer models include a tech in the truck to save on mailing for all the recall notices.
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