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Hello! my oil manteinence is near and i have some dilema.
Here in Spain is difficult to find oils with SAE 10W30 or with the spec MS-6395. And when I find some of them, all they are synthetic blend, semi-synthetic or HC-synthetic oils.
By other hand, i can purchase good reputable 100% synthetic 5W40 oils at good prices without MS-6395 aprobal.
What is better? 10W30 synthetic blend with MS-6395 aprobal or a 100% synthetic 5W40 oil without MS-6395 aprobal?
Since I have the car, I have been using 10W30 synthetic blend with MS-6395 aprobal and for now the engine sounds and work very well.
For instance, i am thinking to use this one:
8100 X-clean 5W-40 - Motul

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A guy in this discussion: Oil companies on MS-6395 (WIP)
suggests not to get hung up on finding one with the Chrysler MS-6395 spec. - that it's not difficult to meet, and apparently the reason some manufacturers don't go to the trouble to certify to it is the requirement for a 2 year testing period.

You might also search for similar discussions on that site.

I used Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 in my high mileage cars, including my two Concordes. It's also a synthetic that is not MS-6395 certified, but is respected and approved for use in diesel trucks and gas cars.

The Motul does meet Chrysler MS-12991. Not sure what the difference is. Might be worth some reading on that.

You might also look at Pennzoil Platinum Euro - I assume it's available in Europe.
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