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Updated 4/25/03
<font size=5>Home of the PIAAmobile</font>
82 Mods and Counting
16.27 @ 84.94mph

If you have a question about anything I've done, you can just reply here :)

Factory Options:
<LI> 225 Horsepower 3.2 Liter V-6 Aluminum Fuel Injected Engine
<LI> Leather Interior
<LI> Dual Power Seats
<LI> Moonroof
<LI> Infinity 240 Watt System
<LI> AutoStick Transmission
<LI> Sentry Key Immobilizer System
<LI> Overhead Travel Information Center w/ Homelink
<LI> Automatic Climate Control
<LI> Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror
<LI> Traction Control
<LI> Anti-Lock Braking System

Current Mods:

<LI> K&N AirCharger Performance Intake with Cone Filter (pics)
<LI> Bored Out TB Bend "J-Bend" (pics)
<LI> Mopar Transmission Anti-foam (pics)
<LI> Dunlop SP Sport A2 Tires (pics)
<LI> Red Line Water Wetter (pics)
<LI> ASP Racing Blue Anodized 20% Underdrive Pulley (pics)
<LI> 70mm Bored TB with Holley 70mm Plate (pics)
<LI> Speed Limiter Bypass Unit
<LI> Hawk HPS Street Brake Pads
<LI> Zinc Plated R/T-Vented Cross-Drilled/Slotted Rotors (pics)

Comfort / Convienence
<LI> 5% Limo Tint / Back 3 Windows (pics)
<LI> Auto VentShade Vent Visors (pics)
<LI> Pursuit Alarm / Remote Starter
<LI> LHS Leather Center Console Lid (pics)
<LI> 300m Automatic HeadLight Switch (pics)
<LI> PIAA Black Wiper Blades (pics)
<LI> Mopar Trunk Bag Hooks (pics)
<LI> 2002 300m Front Heated/Memory Leather Seats (pics)
<LI> 2002 300m Rear Leather Seat w/ Cup Holder Armrest & Adjustable Headrests (pics)
<LI> 300m Glossy Black Folding/Heated/Memory/Auto-Dimming/Tilt Down Mirrors (pics)
<LI> 2002 300m Center Console with Power Point (pics)
<LI> EVIC+ with Tire PSI Monitoring (pics)
<LI> Tire Pressure Wireless Sensors (pics)
<LI> 300m Sun Visors with Sunshade Extensions (pics)

<LI> PIAA Platinum Super White HeadLights(pics)
<LI> PIAA Ion Crystal Amber Fog Lights (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White Interior Dome Lights (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White License Plate Bulb (pics)
<LI> Varad Aero Blue LED Scanner (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White Door Courtesy Light Bulbs (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White Glove Box Light (pics)
<LI> Jamstrait Hyper-Red LED Tail Light Bulbs (pics)
<LI> Custom Switch Panel (pics)
<LI> Jamstrait Hyper-Red LED 3rd Brake Light Bulbs (pics)
<LI> Jamstrait Hyper-Red LED Rear Marker Bulbs (pics)
<LI> Street Glow Green Rear Vent Neons (pics)
<LI> MUTH Turn Signal LED Mirrors (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White Ash Receiver Light (pics)
<LI> PIAA Xtreme White Trunk Light (pics)
<LI> Rear Door Courtesy Lights (pics)
<LI> Street Glow Neo-Blue Trunk Neon (pics)
<LI> Street Glow Neo-Blue Rear Deck Neon (pics)
<LI> Street Glow Neo-Blue Under Seat Neon Accents (pics)

Audio Upgrades
<LI> Pioneer 12 Disc Changer (pics)
<LI> Mopar 4-Disc In-Dash Changer w/ Tape Head Unit(pics)
<LI> Bazooka EL10A-HP 10" DVC Amplified Bass Tube (pics)
<LI> Metra AntennaWorks Motorized Antenna (pics)
<LI> Polk GXR Series 6-1/2" GXR6 Front Door Speakers (pics)

<LI> Custom Spoiler (pics)
<LI> 300M Chrome/Leather Shifter (pics)
<LI> Shifter Bezel with Leather Boot (pics)
<LI> Front Door Sill "Intrepid" Lettering (pics)
<LI> Rear Door Sill "Dodge" Decal (pics)
<LI> Dodge Sunvisor Plaques (pics)
<LI> Prestige Nickel Chromium Electroplated License Plate Sealed Enclosure (pics)
<LI> Blue Painted Brake Calipers (pics)
<LI> Blue Painted Engine Bay Caps(pics)
<LI>Black Painted Fuse Box with Silver Dodge Logo (pics)
<LI> Chromed Aluminum Valve Stem Sleeves and Caps (pics)
<LI> Mopar "Intrepid Embroidered" Hood Cover (pics)
<LI> AVS Smoke Headlight Covers (pics)
<LI> Ichibahn Carbon Fiber / Brushed Billet Aluminum Pedals (pics)
<LI> Chrome Door Lock Switches (pics)
<LI> Chrome Power Window Switches (pics)
<LI> Chrome Door Handles (pics)
<LI> NiteShades Blacked Out Tail Lights (pics)
<LI> Debadged "DODGE" Emblem from Doors (pics)
<LI> Trunk Interior Embroidered Ram Logo (pics)
<LI> Wheel Center Cap Ram Head Logos (pics)
<LI> Remove Under Hood Lining (pics)
<LI> Wheel Weights Moved to Inside of Wheels (pics)
<LI> Spectre Blue Anodized Aluminum Bolt Caps (pics)
<LI> Smokers Package Added
<LI> Polished Billet Aluminum Climate Control Knob

Decals / Emblems
<LI> White DodgeIntrepid.Net Decal (pics)
<LI> White Decal (pics)
<LI> Silver Intake "Intrepid" Lettering (pics)
<LI> Lower Windshield PIAA Decal (pics)
<LI> "ES" Emblem on Trunk Deck (pics)
<LI> Interior "ES" Emblems (pics)
<LI> Under-Hood "DODGE" Emblem (pics)
<LI> Relocate Ram Front Emblem (pics)

In Progress:

<LI> Daytime Running Fog Lights (Not Installed Yet)
<LI> Custom A-Pillar 2 Gauge Pod (In Progress)

Future Mods:

<LI> Flowmaster Deltaflow 50 Series Dual Exhaust
<LI> TrepTech 1" Lowering Springs
<LI> Mille Miglia 18" Action Wheels
<LI> Black Marble Dash Kit
<LI> Jamstrait Hyper-Amber LED Rear Turn Signal Bulbs
<LI> Model Turismo Front License Plate Cover
<LI> PIAA Platinum Super White HeadLight High Beams
<LI> Hyper White Reverse Lights
<LI> Street Glow Neo-Blue Underglow Kit
<LI> Headlight & Taillight Strobes
<LI> Oil Pressure Guage
<LI> Vacuum Gauge

Failed and Reversed Mods:

<LI> 300m Leather Covered Center Console Sides (pics)
<LI> Headrest Embroidered Ram Logos (pics)
<LI> 3" L_Intake w/ Ram Head Logo (pics)
<LI> Drop-in K&N FilterCharger
<LI> "Intrepid" 3rd Brake Light Overlay (pics)
<LI>L_Intake with PVC Breather Filter (pics)
<LI>Stratus RAM Head Center Caps (pics)
<LI>Blue Door Courtesy Light Bulbs (pics)
<LI>Blue Painted RAM Head Center Caps (pics)
<LI> GTS Smoke Headlight Covers

Replaced Parts:

<LI>Front Bumper Cover (pics)
<LI>Plastic Steering Column Housing (pics)
<LI> Driver's Door Inside Panel (Not Replacing)
<LI> Driver Side of Center Console
<LI> Passenger Side of Center Console (Not Installed Yet)
<LI> Glove Box (Not Installed Yet)


Most Current Pictures:

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Wow man, take this Saturday and install all those sweet items you got that are not installed.

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if they're not installed yet, wouldn't that make them a "future mods" item?

Just wondering ya know

my mods
5% tint back three windowZ
black out head light covers

Future mods
back ground
sumthin to connect the tires to the car with

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I believe "future mods" mean mods you don't have yet or don't have the money for yet. "not installed yet" meaning you have them, but haven't gotten around to putting them on. :p

457 Posts

so, what?

you just drive around tellin everyone you have it but you dont have it on the car?

or do you just drive around with that **** in your trunk and say,

"Check out my kewl mods"

werk it

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He says not installed yet exactly like P3p3 just said, because he has them, wants us to know he has them, but hasn't had the time to install them yet. Remember? website? We're supposed to post mods about our cars? future ones to be purchased, as well as ones that aren't installed yet :confused: :eek: :devil: :cry: :biggrin:

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The "L" Intake looks good. I like the way you have the APC breather filter on there. :)

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I had one question that everyone probably knows the answer to. Why did you trade in a 1998 ES for your 1999 ES? Did you buy both brand new? Just curious.

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viprman said:
I had one question that everyone probably knows the answer to. Why did you trade in a 1998 ES for your 1999 ES? Did you buy both brand new? Just curious.
i bought the 98 new, and traded it in for the 99, which was used. main reasons were color, and i wanted the different spoiler. i also had put an aftermarket sunroof in the 98, and wasn't too happy with the outcome. it didn't leak or anything like that, it just didn't flow with the curves on the top of the car. no one else noticed, but it bothered the hell out of me.
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