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Thats right youre cars suck and i smoked the hell out of youre car. and the guy that i beat was talking all this **** about how the car is quick

quick my ass youre cars are slowwwwwwwww as **** :rolleyes:
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Intrepids are nice cars and I doubt that your crappy 1.6L civic can beat me on a bike.
OK. Since this is a Intrepid enthusiast site I think your opinion is that of a troll. If I can't beat you with my Trep, let's go back to my garage and get out the RICE BEATER!!!!!!

Spirit R/T tracks all over your face! :D
1.6 liter civic read what my profilke says GTP ***** Take youre slow as cars out of here alwasy talking about in the kills sections is too funny :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
It says you own a piece of **** get the hell out of here dude. dont come on these forums and talk junk. :mad:
it is funny cuz guys like you think their cars are fast and they end up gettign rosated
Oh, you own a GT-Penis. I see your pathetic car can't keep up with my R/T even when I pull the plug wire on cylinder number 3. Oh well. You can go back to work at Best Buy or Pizza Hut and tell your buddies how you got spanked by a Mopar.
Lets see my gtp Pulls 300 hp. With just a pulley and a chip. The last time i recall was i got a 13.7 at the drag strip.

Not like the peice of **** intrepids that do 16.4 at the 1/4 miles. And the funny things is you guys aways brag about burning rice when the rice is actually burninig the **** out of you :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I ain't talking 'bout my Trep little man.
Originally posted by DomesticBurner:
read what my profilke says GTP ***** :
i hope you enjoy your ugly, cheaply made, plastic car but please enjoy the hideousness of it elsewhere.
Sorry, but this site doesn't have room for haters. If you don't have Mopar, you should go somewhere else. Intrepids have small engines and are also heavier than most cars. Most Intrepids do 0-60 in about 7.5-8.5 seconds so understandably most little suped up or high performance foreign cars can beat us off the bat. I just got beat by two Mustangs (Starting from a stop), got them at higher gears though and caught and passed them quick however. I have never lost a race to any riced out Acura Integra even off the bat, even in my 2.7L. I just whooped the hell out of one the other day. That's good enough for me. If I still had my 3.2L ES it'd be on.

Although sometimes slower off the bat are cars are larger, usually better looking and extremely comfortable, even the base model.

You wanna talk trash??? Wanna go against my dads 99 Anniversery Edition Mustang GT??? Wanna go up against my friends 91 Vette??? How about a 67 Fastback w/400HP???

Don't come in here to pick on us. It's not cool. We can have some fun too ya know even it's it's just smoking most foreign cars, admittedly not all.


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13.what??? that sounds a little is customary at even unsanctioned drag strips, you do not accelerate until the light turns green...i can see you pulling a 13.whatever 1/4 mile time if you redlight...have fun with your 3800 series POS...

oh and by the way, ive pulled a best of around 15.3, ...ill admit, those GTP's are quick machines, but i wouldnt trust the damn thing to get me over 100k miles down the road like the intrepid has...

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Here's a simple way to prove us all us a picture of your time slip which states you ran 13.7.

IF, and ONLY if you do that, do you have anyone here believing your car is all that.
Woohoo! Our first troll! I hope he comes into my section. :)
Yeah. It takes normally 100 horsepower for every second shaved in a quarter mile. So, if the car started with 240 and the stock 1/4 was 15.1 (according to and ran a 13.7, it would take an additional 140 horsepower at the wheels. I don't think that a chip and a smaller pulley can account for this. Pulling a time like that would require slicks and a good light. I am not saying it is impossible, but I would be skeptical. That number is the same as for a new Camaro Z28. ;)
With just a pulley and a chip
So... you're saying your car needed help? I don't have to modify my car to beat you. I believe your HP claims are exaggerated. Even if they are'nt, I'll be right there with you, one mistake and you're toast. Remember: I choose RACING because football, soccer, basketball, and ****-TALKING only take ONE BALL! :cool:

Wutang, LHSer! Go get 'em! You boys are harder on each other than you've been on this, what was it LHSer?, oh yeah "turd burger"

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3800??, is he talkin' a GM like a Pontiac (Pussyack).... if so, I whooped the hell out of one on the freeway in my 3.2L a while back, it aint that hard.

Freakin GM people.....

And I loved ATF's banner, really nice! Mopar Baby!!!

Later guys,
MoparPerformance :cool:
How the **** are you going to talk all this **** with out anyproof. Its like talking out youre ass.

He probably rides a bike or sime **** that probably has type r stickers on the pedals you ****ing *** leave :mad: :mad:
LHSer...its our second troll. remember that mitsu fella? you called him a troll too :)....oh and moparperfomance, you pry raced a GT, so take that 3.8L you beat and slap on a supercharger. A GTP may be fast, but they look like they fell out of the ugly tree and landed in a puddle of "what the f*ck?!?" :rolleyes:

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