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Thats right youre cars suck and i smoked the hell out of youre car. and the guy that i beat was talking all this **** about how the car is quick

quick my ass youre cars are slowwwwwwwww as **** :rolleyes:
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You're right- the only good looking car Pontiac had was the F-body and GM killed it. Everything from Pontiac is now just fugly.
By the way, you all know that Chrysler has gotten over 300HP (No supercharger) out of the 3.5L HO (What an engine!!!). The 3800 is a slightly bigger engine and can't even match that!!! Take away the supercharger and you have like what, 200HP???, my freakin little 2.7L pulls 200HP and even a little more with my performance intake kit!

Sorry but that "Intrepids Suck" statement was extremely unfair.....!

We're stand up guys, fine, come in here and tell us you beat an Intrepid but don't be a little punk and tell us our cars suck! It's just not cool!

You don't see us going into the Pontiac forums for ugly vehicles telling them they're cars suck!

Although I usually can't stand GM, some Chevy's are nice, especially the 57' Chevy my uncle built that was on the cover a Popular Hotrodding a long time ago! Metallic blue with flames!!! Man that was clean!

Later guys,
MoparPerformance :cool:
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Originally posted by SSCaprice:
The GTP's are not that great of cars. If they didn't have thier little supercharger they would be slow as heck. I raced a 98' GTP and he wasn't that great of a driver but I was half a car length ahead the whole race. Especially toward the start. Why the heck is this guy talking crap on here anyways? He just needs to buy a Chevy and hell be OK. :cool:
-Chris of my favorite cars. Total sleeper. (Caprice LT1)
Great come back every body the dumb **** does not say any thing about top end. like only 128mph because GM has a limiter on them. Any time you want to come to Minn and race top end. All you well see is a my 150 mph plus rear end walk away from you. I dont need no stinking Supercharger , chip or pulley to do it. So come up to the great white north if you dare and bring some money i dont race for free. Put your money where your month is.
LOL dude I have raced a pontiac befor and to tell you the truth in my little 3.3 I beat him must have been something wrong with his car or it just plain sucked ass
cause I have not done **** to my car engine wise
Hey you little ****ing pussy. Real men drive real real cars, not some little chee-chon-ching toy. My ****ing sister can run faster than your piece of **** can top out at. By the way speaking of the word "your", there are different ways of spelling it and there are also different times to use each spelling! Dip ****! The context in which you used it is not even the correct spelling nor proper, you inbred *****. What you did want to use was "your" not "youre" which if it were to have been correctly spelled out would have looked like "you're" and is the abbrevation for "you are." Get it you ass raper? :mad: :mad: :mad: Come back when you think you have a real ride.
By the way, here are a couple of stories that you could use. :D

Driving around late one night and this riced out Civic Hatch blows past me and cuts me off...So I decide to just put my brights on to blind him a little...That aggrivates him so much that he pulls alongside me and starts Yappin some Ghetto slang **** to me...I just told him that his Clear tailights, monster wing, 18 inch wheels, Mugen Stickers, and 5 inch Potato cannon will not make his Civic a FAST Car...So I challenged him to a race from the next Stoplight----IN MY DAD's 97 RAM CONVERSION VAN!!...Im talking Camper Top, extension, and about 300lbs of tools in the back....Well I put my faith in the Trusty little 318 and we creeped up to the light...Finally it turned red and I cleaned out the engine a few times and Started to torque it up a bit...I heard Civic boy revving his NON-Vtec 4-pot and then finally holding it on the rev limiter when the cross light went to yellow...He dumped the clutch, I unloaded the converter...My little 318 Screamed up to 6000 Rpm (Trust me, the van weighs 6200lbs, it was screaming!)...The Civic was right alongside..Once I hit 50mph I started to pull away..(BECAUSE OF TORQUE) and I heard him miss 3rd? and his car hitting the limiter again...He pulled into a gas station, probably to pout...and I Pulled a u-ey and Pointed and laughed at this poor, misguided, and utterly tacky thug and drove home...With a ****-eating grin on my face...Knowing that I just deflated his ego by about 100psi...IN MY RACE CAR'S TOW VAN!!
The battle against Rice is just beginning....


Cehck out this site too:

and here too:

Eat ****!!!!! :D ;) :cool:
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Welcome to the boards Jeff, with a vengence!!! :D

And way to show that Honda some Mopar power! :D
all everyone talks about on this board is top end who gives a **** about top end on the drag strip no one races to get to their top end speed you race the quarter mile and your not gonna get to top end in the quarter
To tell you the truth I don't give a **** about drag racing, I'm more into road racing, find a 10 miles streach of road & see who kicks who's ass when i'm running 110 mph & some civic who can hand me my ass in the 1/4 is about .5 miles behind me. Driving at high speeds down a twisting road takes a hell of a lot more skill (& is more fun)than punching the throttle & dropping the clutch i know it is a little more complicated than that, but still not as hard as racing through decreasing radius corners without pushing your front end into a skid.

i've said it before diffrent strokes for diffrent folks & this is just my own opinion
Quote :eek:n the drag strip no one races to get to their top end speed you race the quarter mile and your not gonna get to top end in the quarter
only true for street cars, real drag racing if you are not at your top speed at the end of the quarter mile , your not doing something right.
mitsu thinks that the guys at the GTP forum just up and decided to invade forums, wielding nothing but their hard earned ignorance; since the 3/S forum was also recently invaded by a different ignorant GTP owner :rolleyes: what a bunch of goons :p
god I hate these frigin **** who come in here to start **** who happen to vanish when they are provin to be complete dumbfucks
Hahaha, that's great :D. Yeah I was thinking this horse was dead quite a while ago, yet they continue to beat...
THATS THE ****!!! HAHAHA!!! Let those Fraggin TROLLS BRING IT! WE'RE READY WITH SOME MOPAR POWER! If You cant beat 'em, RAM 'EM!!!
The ones that dont want to talk about top ends, dont have any top ends in their rides. They get their ass`s handed to them on the Hwy`s all the time. When you get outside the Mpls area Hwy 35W , 694N or 169N have alot of long straight aways to open up your car.
Hahaha... Intrepidatious. That's a funny graphic. Where did you get it?

But hey, you gotta give me a little credit. I don't live in the middle of a very tolerant city like NYC (in fact, there are a lot of hicks here) but I still proudly display the rainbow on the back of my Intrepid. :D
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