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Hi all. New to the forum; every time I buy an old car the first thing I do is join a related forum. One of the best things on the internet.

It was through interacting on forums and watching YouTube videos that I taught myself a few auto repair skills, although not many.

I find auto repair all very fascinating. I've only replaced an alternator, a starter, a heater fan, and then lesser repairs but even those took me hours because I needed to learn the name of the parts, the name of the tools, how to use them, procedures, and everything else. It was all foreign to me -nothing is 'simple' when you don't know any of it. Those repairs were on a 1991 Subaru Legacy and a 1997 Camry. Great cars to learn on as they're more basic than the newer vehicles that seem to purposely be designed so that you have to take them to a shop, and sell your left kidney to pay for labour costs.

Bought a 1997 Intrepid last night. Haven't had a chance to buy a manual so I am not at all familiar with the car's features yet. V6 engine is quite something.

May not have the car for too many months as I'm planning to buy an SUV for hiking/mt.biking lifestyle, but for now (during our Canadian winter months) it'll be fun to learn more about this Intrepid. I've been a pedestrian over the last 4mths so it felt luxurious to be in a vehicle again.

Looking forward to meeting some of the forum members throughout the months ahead. Thank you.
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