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Im going to order my rb1 soon and i want to use my ipod with it.

Does anyone know what the ipod car kit consists of???? I saw one on ebay for the rb1, rkq, rbk..etc radio series for like 150$ USD.

I would imagine it comes with a power line for the ipod linked to the radio but how would the data port be setup for the rb1 screen.. etc.. Can this kit be made or is a critical setup. Most of the time ive found that these adapters are nothing more than special plugs to allow the use to make everything plug and play. I can get spare ipod plugs if its just a matter of rewiring. I just wanted to check with you guys first in case someone has done it already.

this is the kit im looking at...

Then theres this thing but it looks like it uses the changer port which i cannot lose HEHE..

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