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So i had these folks custom build me an alternator so I can pump the bass. Plus I do not posses the skills to have an Oem alternator plated or anything nice looking. It took them close to 2 months because of how time consuming parts for our car are to find.

320amps @15.5 v @1500rpm.
They used an engine enamel the unit looks hemi orange outside. Has a bit of a red tint indoors. The pully is aluminum best i can tell. But I had a bright silver sparkle finish applied. You pick your colors etc.

Since their main target audience is audio competition the lugs can handle a whole wad of 2awg lugs.
All of the customization and it was not significantly more expensive than a brand new high quality unit. (Not a sponsoredship or anything like that.) just a cool product I bought.



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