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OK, ignore the other post, same info, wrong title in subject line. I meant to say Good, NOT food, it was before lunch, I was hungry, smell of buttered popcorn in the hall, yeah, that was it, popcorn! Sorry! Not sure if it really counts, but I am making this my first attemp at a road rage race victory. It's 8:30am, downtown Cleveland rush hour. Three lanes in downtown, left one has choice of left turn or straight ahead, middle lane straight, and right lane, you guessed it, right turn only! Well, we downtown drivers seem to get cranky easily from the long morning commute and dumb drivers on the highway and congested roads. So, I'm first in line at the light waiting patiently when hey, hey, here comes what I beleive to be an early 90's Mercedes. I am not sure what class it was as she was just off to the side and behind me. I'd like to say some kind of C class. Well, she tries to time the light, inching up to try to take me off the line. Now up ahead of the light, the road maintains two lanes with curb side street parking, which at this time is pretty full with postal and delivery trucks. There is about 1000 feet of free road. So, light goes green, I go bye-bye! No chance, as she quickly has to duck behind me and wait to get around the parked vehicles. But being a bit of a prick today (need more sleep!), I instantly slowed to 25mph to the next light, irritating her as she rode my tail. So now I am stopped at the front line of the next light which is a double left turn with a right turn lane as the road ends into an intersection. She rolls up next to me on my right, looks at me with a kind of look of death, I look back, smile that sort of smile that reminds you not to mess with me, and she rolls on to make her turn. I don't know why, but today this just felt good. It's the first chance I've had to race my baby (if you can call it a race). Maybe it was the surroundings, lots of people and vehicles, big city lights, buildings, whatever it was, I feel I have scored well, for a first trial, even if it was an 8 year old vehicle.
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