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I have a few items that I am selling.
One of them is on eBay...
Here is the link to it:

After replacing the steering wheel on my M yesterday...I have a couple of additional items for sale:

-Custom dyed airbag. It was originally tan, but now it is black.
I got a really good deal on a Slate wheel, airbag, and steering column trim. So this is no longer needed.

-Steering Wheel audio controls from an 02 300M. This was on the wheel I got from the yard. No wiring harness is included, but that can be had easy enough from a dealer. This is Slate in color.

-Custom Steering column trim. The top and bottom pieces that go around the column. I painted these black as well. They are in good shape.

I will sell all three pieces for $60 + shipping, which will be a deal.
Or, I will seperate them as needed.
-Airbag $35 + shipping
-Steering Wheel Controls $30 + shipping
-Steering Column Trim $15 + shipping

No reasonable offer refused.

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