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congrats to Sneke_eyez on being out first IOM of the new year!!!

Well, many of you know my basic story, I’m the 17 year old kid with the 2002 Dodge Intrepid ES. It arrived in my life as the result of a refusal. By my parents, that is. I was 16, in my sophomore year of high school, and I was obsessed with trucks, especially the Dodge Ram. I got my permit on the day after my 16th birthday in November 2004 and could not wait until six months was up so I could get my license. I was also excited because my license meant my first car, or in my eyes, first truck.
Since I was 14 I had been working at the hardware store my dad manages to earn the money for it. My heart was set on a black Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab shortbed. In February of 2005, I found a Ram, right in my price range, with the exact specs I wanted and 74,000 miles for sale and proposed the idea to my parents. Come to find out, they had decided that I should not buy a truck at all, they thought they were too dangerous and too expensive to maintain. They wanted me to drive my dad’s 1997 Ford Taurus. I was not happy, I really wanted a truck, but my parents held firm… no truck. I managed to bargain with them, however, and they agreed to let me buy a sedan, providing they approved of what I was buying.

So, being a Dodge fan since the age of 6, I began looking at Dodge sedans. The Stratus was pretty neat, but they were sort of girly and I wanted something bigger. I knew about Intrepids but to be honest I had just never taken notice of them before. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the sleek, almost shark-like shape of the second generation Intrepids, however. I looked into them on Autotrader and found that there were many that could be had in my price range not too far away from me. I started researching them for quality and value and found, where I joined up and have logged on every single day since.
The quest for an Intrepid led me all the way to Maynard, MA, two hours away, where I test drove an R/T, but was disappointed with how incredibly dirty it was. For the heck of it, I called the rather small local Dodge dealer and discovered they had two Intrepids for sale. Eager for another drive, this time with my Dad present, I convinced him to test drive one with me. They had two to choose from, both priced exactly the same, $12,000, a silver 2001 R/T and a silver 2002 ES. The R/T had 64,000 miles on it and the ES had 35,000. As much as I wanted the R/T, the ES was in mint shape and looked absolutely flawless. Plus, I loved the wheels as well as the color and pattern of the interior. We took it for a ride, and boy was it nice. It ran smooth and had plenty of power, though it didn’t have autostick or a moonroof, two options I had originally wanted, I got over it.

My dad and I inspected every inch of it, took it back to the dealer, and then sat down to make a deal with the salesman. It happened to be the car he drove back and forth every day, so he knew and loved it. This seemed to make him awfully reluctant to let it go for anything less than $11,500. I didn’t have anywhere near this amount of money, so I thought I was going to have to move on and find another one. My dad, however, was determined to get the car. He bargained and bargained, and got the salesman down to $10,500, with a free warranty included. We put a $100 deposit on the car that night and I walked out stunned, I had actually just taken the first step in owning a car! I immediately went home and came on here. A kind member with a Carfax account sent me a report on it. I was a little disappointed with the results, however, it had been involved in a passenger side accident, in which Carfax said frame damage was likely. I had my mechanic, as well as my friend’s dad, who is also a mechanic, inspect it thoroughly, and both said there was nothing to worry about, it was a nice car. Once my deal was accepted I picked the car up on May 15th, 2005 and the rest, is well, history. I love my Intrepid, which is definitely not “just a sedan”.

Now, the car:
2002 Dodge Intrepid ES, with the 3.5L non-HO, 39,228 miles as of the day I’m writing this:

Dodge Floormats
Billet Temp Control Knobs
Light Gray decals on my back windows
Removed fog light reflectors
2003 ES leather shifter
Intrepid Windshield Banner
Bright Red Painted Calipers Spoiler
Trunk Liner
Automatic Headlight switch made by IS300M
Autodim Mirror
Mopar Intrepid Bra, though I usually just use the hood bra
Black Leather Console Cover out of JoeKD’s 2000 ES
Alpine 9851 Headunit
Alpine Type S 6.5” 250W Door Speakers
Debadged Doors – done by the previous owner

Mods Planned
JoeKD intake
300M Leather
Autostick at some point
New 6x9s, Subs, an Amp
There are plenty more I can’t think of….

And, last but not least, I cannot forget to thank all the great people I’ve met here on this forum. I love this place, and I know I love my car more because of it and the people I’ve met here. To all the guys/girls on here I really appreciate this honor, you have no idea how much this means to me. To all my buds, the local boys: Scott (IS300M), who I hung out with Monday night, Bobby (2002CordeLXI), who I’m talking to right now on AIM and I talk to almost every night, Fernando (DCell), the guy with the awesome R/T who sent me to a yard in Lowell where some fat guy almost had me arrested , and Jim (hinzy) you all have awesome cars and thanks for being so nice. And the ones I’ve never met: Keith (Kcarlos), JD (Romeo), Bob (whitey), IntrepidBus, Ross (TFC), Rob (Avenger), k-nash, padredestino, Seb (Bimmer_2002), Lee (DodgeyAussie), Bruce (dabirdzR/T), Helen (redhot04), all the Silver Treps… all you guys/girl are awesome and have awesome cars too, I hope someday to meet you all. If my parent’s let me go to Carlisle this summer then that might just be a possibility! I also can’t forget to thank Randy for this amazing site. LONG LIVE DI.NET!!!

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