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Jap crap....begone!

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I was going up 390N taking an on-ramp onto 490E. Anyways the on-ramp to 490 is a 2 laner where the left lane ends. Everybody who commutes everyday knows this,but,sure as s**t stinks, some dork tries to race ahead in the left lane and cut someone off. Anyways some schmoe in a 97 Altima(lame name)is trying to impress his female passenger by taking the left lane fast. Yeah, right. His rice burner is swaying like a drunk trying to hold the road, when....I fly by him at least 20 mph faster in the right lane with my 2001 intrepid se (2.7) like he's nothing and I'm ahead of him and gone. He tries like crazy to catch up to me on the straight away to try to regain some dignity. Like I said, he tried.. :D One thing about Intrepids,they will corner like spit!
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Just Be glad it wasn't a 2002 3.5SE. You would be toast even in an R/T. All the 2001 and earlier Altimas were 4 Cly.
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