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Well, I might as well do it too. Here I am... apparently 10+ years late lol!

2001 Dodge Intrepid SE - As base as it gets
Mileage at purchase: ~144k'ish (I'll have to check my paperwork and update later)
Current Mileage: 157,4XX

Mechanical Repairs Completed
- Cooling system overhaul
= Radiator
= Fan Shroud
= Hoses
= Water Outlet Housing
= Thermostat + Housing
= Water Pump
= Running Zerex G-05
== Plan on adding some water wetter. I'll have to drain the cooling system again anyway because I forgot to RTV the timing chain cover on the bottom so I'll just add the wetter when I fill it up again
- Engine
= Converted timing chain & components to the upgraded design when I did the water pump.
= New Tensioner
= Full Synthetic Oil all the way
- Misc
= Cruddy job repairing the positive battery to jump post cable
= Replaced a cruddy job repairing the positive battery to jump post cable
== Need to pump it full of dielectric grease (ended up using one of the fancy gold post connectors that people use with their fancy audio systems)

Mechanical Repairs Pending
- New Starter (Thanks Daytrepper!)
- Replace PCV Valve and Hoses (Thanks for the tip, and helping me avoid buying the hose set w/ heat exchanger Peva!)
- Seal the timing cover to oil pan.... sad that I knew I needed to do this and read it in multiple places but I still didn't do it...
- Repair an exhaust leak I discovered last week

Fun Stuff Planned
Bucket Seat, floor shift, 300M cluster, autostick conversion
Auto Lights
ATC (Maybe)
Dimming Mirror
Turn Signal/Heated Mirrors (would be nice, may not happen -- these tiny mirrors are impossible to scrape when they get iced up)
CarPC -- Being a tech guy, I'm pretty excited about this one and have lots of plans
Add some courtesy lighting
Puttstick -- I know, I'm too late for this one but I just found it today and it would be awesome :(
Buy a 3.5HO Engine with low-ish miles and do the swap

CarPC Ideas
RaspberryPi 2B+
Raspberry Touch Screen
OBDII -> Bluetooth (or USB with a hidden cable)
Media Player
Possible Dash Cam (in the future)

The idea with the CarPC is that the bluetooth scanner will poll the computer at a programmed interval and give me readouts on the screen of pretty much anything I desire that travels across the BUS. Additionally, I'll have a file with all of the trouble codes and what the actual problem is. That way, any time the computer throws a code, the screen will immediately give me useful information pertaining to what's wrong.

Also, a wicked cool media center. I'll have to work out getting it to boot and shut-down in a clean fashion, automatically opening a couple terminal sessions -- one with Kodi, the other with a custom written program to read+display the scan tool information, and a clean way to switch between the two sessions at will as well as automatically switching to the second session anytime a trouble code is thrown.

The car is pretty dirty right now due to the snow, salt, etc so no pics. I'll probably never do anything cosmetic to the exterior of the car so don't expect anything fancy now, or in the future. That being said, HIDs and fog lights are being heavily considered..

I plan on keeping the car forever lol. It's been named Haylee because I wanted to give both of my daughters that name but my wife said it was too common... My oldest daughter is in school now and knows absolutely no-one named Haley, but several kids with her name (Marley) and one kid with her sisters name (Havyn). So, considering I'm getting fixed next week, and I'll never have another kid, I decided to name the car Haylee... still deciding on the spelling. This will eventually be decal'ed on the car :D

Woober Goobers!
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Where's the pics? LOL!
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