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Those of you that have been to my multi-club meets know they've been successful. I am currently nailing down some venues for June, August (maybe), and October.....I'm thinking of making October an end of season blow-out event that would be at a fairgrounds or event center that would include 500 cars and have trophies, dash plaques, door prizes, raffles, etc.

.......The lowest cost of fairground or events center rental that I have gotten so far is $1200.00. There is a base fee, hourly aide pay, hourly security pay, cleanup cost, utilities cost, etc..... I, of course, can't foot the bill for that much by myself. I'd like to keep the events free with no admission fees.

I am welcoming sponsors for the October event as well as June/August. If you run a business, and would like to sponsor one or all of the events in any way, let me know. Sponsors will be listed in all promotion of said event.

I am also welcoming monetary donations to help get the meets
off the ground. If you make a donation, you will be listed as a contributor.

Donate with Paypal here.

If you'd like to donate through the mail, email or PM me for
my home address.

Let's make this happen everyone....if you plan on going to one of the multi-club meets, i'd appreciate a little bit of help. I wont forget the donors & sponsors. Payments will be returned if the goal is not reached.
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