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This is how my Trep looked when I found this site.

First of all I would like to thank Randy and to think I only found this site because I was looking for a picture of an Intrepid for my desktop. Thanks to all of you who have nominated or voted for me the past three months, we finally got over the hump. I have a 2002 SE that I have had since Nov 2002. This site has helped me take my love for my Trep to heights that I only dreamed about. I once thought that modding my car would take lots of cash, time and a professional installer. But thanks to a great deal of you other members I have found that I could (can) do this custom work myself.

I am greatful to be a member of the those that have been IOM and to have been nominated with Avenger, QP_20, Ronbo, Dmondeac and BCIntrepid. Thanks to all of you on the site that have helped me with my car. Special thanks to the following individuals for inspiration, assistance and/or parts(in no particular order): Crombie, Dmondeac, QP_20, Ronbo, Ren’s01, 01Intrepid (cargo net), 04IntrepidSXT, da1foyou, Imadreadhead, Gorm, VegasTrep00, Torontofirecaptain (too much to list), veks039 (decals), Loud98ES (sail speakers), platinumedition98, dodint (OTIS). Of course I could not forget my friend and greatest supporter and assistant with my car R0meo021. I know that I have left someone (or several) people out. I did not on purpose but I can not remember all that have helped me but I am thankful to all of you. I look forward to continuing to getting assistance from all of you.

Here is the Trep now.

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