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Just a little peek at what Photoshop can do!

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I was sitting in my office with nothing to do for a little while and just surfing when I saw a picture of LHSer with Thrasher's wheels pasted in the Show off your Intrepid sub-section of the First generation section. Seeing how I teach Photoshop, thought I might play around.

I gave you 18" Momo Arrow wheels, lowered your car about an inch, and tinted your windows. I also gave the picture a little perspective by blurring the background.

Hope you like it.
Charles Hurley
aka MathWiz
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hey, man, your site is pretty slick!!, jus wanted to say, your car looks pretty nice. I have photo shop too, but am just starting to use it. Right now im shopping around for rims, and im trying to decide by putting the different models on my car in photoshop. If you have any pointers on that kind of thing, theyd be appreciated. It seems that the space behind the wheels is coming out white instead of black. thanx.
I have Photoshop 6, and let me tell you: "I suck at it" :)

I cannot do graphics, no matter how hard I try :(
I have Paint Shop Pro 6, And I can't even make it d half of what it can do...... But as to the LHSER pic, it looks good. But in my opinion it looks like a very nicely detailed Matchbox car....
Ive always loved those rims. the first time I saw them was on a 89 Monte Carlo SS. He had droped a Corvette drive train in. did some other mods, it looked amazing.
i agree with 01intrepid, it looks nice but it does kinda look like a model or a matchbox car or somethin :eek:
I think that looks pretty cool. Hey, with Photoshop and Illustrator, who need anything else.

I love those two programs together, and you just can't math the capabilities of Photoshop, this coming from a graphic designer :)
I am liking LHSer`s new ride there :) A True Playa-Pimpster ride. :)
Ya know, I have Photoshop, Paint Shop, Illustrator, Photodraw, and a couple of others I can't think of, and I only know how to use Photodraw somewhat. I really need to spend time on learning the software. Of course, the only reason I have them is I got them for free! :) (except the Microsoft Photodraw 2000)

That is damn nice work. I too was thinking it looked like a Matchbox car. :) But it is nice work. :D
I think why everybody suggests that it looks like a Matchbox car is because of the blurred background.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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