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I just completed my goal to finally try to fix the problems on my 96 3.5. Well, al least some of them.
Here is what was wrong:
-lack of power
-oily sparkplugs
-bad headcover gaskets
-shakes bad in idle
-front axles's clicking
-tranny shifting funny

First of all, the axles will be replaced in like 2 weeks ( $$$ ) I will change the oil/filter ( tranny ) next week because I am still trying to find out if these tranny's can take the B&M quick shift oil??

About the engine, it was a pain, but I replaced the gaskets on my headcovers and I had to also replace the intake gasket where the plentium sits on. I noticed that it had a crack in it and I noticed some water also (BAD ). On the 3.5's, 2 copper pipes
connect to the back of the intake manifold. I think those are the EGRs. Well, I replaced those carboard gaskets too, only because they were in the gasket kit.

I replaced the plug wires with stock Borge Warner 7mm wires ( nothing fancy ) and with non-platinum Autolite plugs. Now, there was still a little oil on the new plugs this morning. I sprayed some brake cleaner into the plug tube on my head cover to try to evaporate the oil faster that was left when I had the had gaskets.
I did notice a slight decrease from last night's running the car and when I arrived here at work.

But this stupid car STILL SHAKES IN IDLE!
:mad: :mad:

My engine light stays on. I am thinking that a sensor is bad. It just feels like it is miss-firing. By using a louder exhaust like mine, you can really here the missing. I will have to take it to a place that can run the codes!

So the results:
1. I am thinking that I am a Intrepid mechanic now ( :p )
2. I am getting closer to pin-pointing the shake problem.
3. WOW, does this car run good now! Punching this car in overdrive makes me remember how this car ran when I bought it. That is why I bought it. Felt like a police officer on the freeway this morning ( JOKE )

Well I hope someone can help me here with my shake problem??? :D

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clean cam and crank position sensors. check engine codes to find source of check engine light.
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