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I just wanted to say thank you to and all of its members.

I decided to put the blue ES on the road on Friday in anticipation of some crappy cold and rainy weather we have coming. Cleaned it all up and claybarred it and after the license plate was transferred, I decided to take it for a spin... First thing I noticed was the speedometer wasn't working. Thought maybe it was just from sitting for a few months, but then I noticed that the transmission was not shifting correctly. It would start in first and then jump abruptly into second and wouldn't shift out of second... not even in AutoStick. I feared transmission troubles and at 4:45pm on a Friday, I knew everyone would be closing up and I probably couldn't get the car into a shop until Saturday and would be without a car all weekend... not a pleasant thought.

Instead, I came to and searched for speedometer and shifting and instantly got about twelve instances where people had my same issues they were told it was their transmission input and output speed sensors. So I crossed my fingers and called the local parts store... they had one of each in stock!!! I flew down there in my dad's Jeep and brought them home and installed them (what a pain in the you-know-where to get at those things!!!) and the car drives perfectly now... what a relief!!!

This site is a great resource and has helped me countless times! Speed sensors, power brake booster, broken window clip, etc... Things that most people would have taken the car into the shop to be fixed, I was able to do myself.

Thank You!!!​
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