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Just waved and blow them a kiss.

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On the way back from the meet in Sheboygan. Going out 23. Sliver MR2 with 2 teeny poppers with napkins on their heads wanted to race. From 20mph roll dumb i hammered them up to 70mph. Slowed down to the light and stoped. They wanted to do it from a stop. No problem walked on them again as i passed them a waved my hand out the window bye bye. The next stop sign they catch up and give me the finger i am number one. This time i blow them a kiss and floored it and blew them away a 3rd time. This time a just kept going until about 110mph and they never caught up again. Ahh nothing like cooked rice 3 times in a roll. :D :D :D
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Originally posted by SPOOK R/T:
I just love cooked rice out cars. :D
Was it really riced out, or just a plain ole MR2?
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