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Hi all, not sure if it has been done before but here is my version.

To program additional keys or rfloops(used in remote starters) for 1998-2004 Intrepids with a security system.
Its easy to determine if you have a Sentry Key Immobilizer Module (SKIM) system the keys are grey and there is a large light in the center of the dash by the windshield that comes on for about 3 secs when you start the car.

To do the programming you must have 2 existing keys that already work.May have to break down and pay dealer(~$140.00) or lock smith with equipment to make key.

get new transponder keys. I got mine from ebay 2 for $15

Take the keys to a hardware store and have them cut. If you are doing a rfloop get a black key cut that has no transponder in it also,(you can also use this key to unlock doors but the car wont stay running if you use it)

Now for the programming.
1) insert first valid key for and turn on ignition for 3-10 seconds
2)insert 2nd valid key and turn on ignition until you here a chime ring and the dash light begins to flash.
3) insert new unprogrammed key wait for chime and light to go solid.
4) job complete.

I also made a video on youtube. "dodge key programming" cant post it
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