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Car is a 2002 Buick Regal. I've been racing my buddy's B16 engine lately and he has never won.. not once. I am completely stock btw, but not for long ;)

From a dig, he has completely zero chance, the buick just takes off with all that torque and keeps building speed with ease. From a rolling start, 50KM, I blow his doors off, and his power drops off at some point, but the buick just keeps hauling ass.

I also raced an an older model golf GTI and just smoked him, this was funny because I let him go first and then started like a second later and still completely trashed him.

I'm loving this car and I can't wait to mod this engine.. first mod to come.. gutting airbox and placing drop in K&N filter.. finally be able to hear that supercharger whine. :)
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