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This is an awesome surprise indeed! It's an honor to receive this recognition from such a great community. Thanks guys!

My Intrepid is my first car, which I bought in November of `06. Since the moment I first drove it, I knew it was the one I wanted. It's the connection you get from a car that is more than just an appliance, and more than just any car, it's your own. I love my car, which just recently ticked over 200,00 miles, and plan to keep evolving it and keep it for a long time to come

Over Since `08 I've done a lot of modifications to this car, a lot of I got help with from people in the community. Without help from you guys I would have never been able to convert my 2.7 to a 3.5. I love spending time on this site, both to learn and help when I can, and I look forward to hopefully meeting more of you guys in the future! Onto the car:

Mods so far

  • Exhuast tip
  • Dodge licensee plate brackets
  • Dodge leather steering wheel cover
  • Engine Conversion at 196,200 miles from 2.7 to 3.5HO with 122k on it.
  • Agate 300M leather arm rest
  • Agate 300M leather seats, gained 40/60 folding rear seat.
  • Replaced original 300M rear arm rest with one that has cupholders
  • Replaced three of the four door weatherstrips
  • Replaced aux power jack
  • Concorde gauge cluster
  • Chrome door handles
  • Chrome switches
  • Automatic light sensor and switch
  • Chrome shift knob
  • Upgraded to 18" Mille Miglia Uno 18"x7.5" wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Alpine rubber
  • Installed OTIS
  • Installed auto dimming mirror
  • Custom painted plenum
  • Poly inner tie rod bushings

Future Mods
  • Revamp A/C system
  • Fix the trunk light
  • Upgrade Audio system at some point
  • Upgrade the sound system to Infinity II
  • Get the body panels to line up properly
  • Reapply the 3.5HO badge
  • Replace gray carpet that has a hole in it with black carpet from a 300M
  • Get black floor mats
  • Change the interior color scheme to a custom Agate on taupe scheme
  • Replace the dash with one that isn't cracked
  • Upgrade to ATC
  • RB1
  • CD Changer
  • J-intake
  • Dual Exhaust
  • New Sway bra bushings
  • Have the windows tinted
  • Have a one-off front bumper of my own design made
  • Have the car repainted Deep Water Blue Pearl
  • Get Caliber SRT4 wheels or similar
  • Gets some new exterior badging
  • Realign rear door trim
  • Possibly replace driver's door (but I may just stick with this one and have the dents fixed when it gets repainted...dunno yet)
  • Autostick
  • Considering a OEM spoiler
  • Considering black Spyder headlights


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Thanks guys. :)

Still plenty to do! Top of the list is to find out why it still hesitates and the CEL blinks above 60 mph on long highway trips. I noticed the blow-by (I think that's what it's called) hose was broken,s o I replaced that last week. No idea i it could cause anything like a misfire though.

I really want to get a new driver's door so I no longer have to look at that ugly dent caused by a stolen car running into it a couple years ago, and I want to get the a/c working again.

It's on the list. :)

Thanks again everyone!
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