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L Intake

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Is anyone planning, or willing to make the L intake using the instructions provided by GR8WHT and sell them to anyone who is interested.

I have had a few requests for someone to do this, because not everyone has the skills or time to make these ;)

Let us know if you will be selling them here so users will know where to buy one :)

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I have just finished paiting the PVC and will be (with any luck) finishing the whloe intake this weekend. Gr8WHT's plans were well laid out and easy to follow. With respect to him I am reposting earlier comments he made on the subject of resale


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posted August 04, 2001 07:20
Just thought I would chime in. Anyone is allowed to make and intake, even one identical to mine, that is absolutly fine and I would be flattered! I would even provide the specs. Its just the resale part that is not allowed. Thats all!
Also, all the time and effort to make one, is more than it cost to buy one. Trust me, I know LOL!!

Its just the resale part that is not allowed.
So, unless we have the blessing of the man himself I would hate to see his work done by another. His research and design are what makes this such a great product. I'm sure K+N would sepnd thousands to develop a similar product.
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