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Bumping an older thread here, but after some procrastination, I finally changed out the power steering pump, and I replaced both drive belts as well.

It really wasn't that bad of a job, and I guess the worst part was removing the pulley from the old pump and pressing it on the new unit.

Getting back to the rack, I have not bothered with replacing it yet, and I have also noticed the high pressure (HP) line coming from the pump is leaking where the rubber is crimped on (on the rack side).

I could be wrong, but I am beginning to wonder if the HP line has been leaking all along and dripping on the rack, making the rack appear to leak.

Replacing this line looks simple enough, but has anyone ever removed and replaced this line (on a 3.5 engine) without removing additional items (cowling, wiper box, plastic air intake tubes)? Looks kind of tight on space back there.

But I had to remove the wipers, cowling, and wiper motor assembly box just to get to the high pressure hose fitting on the rack. I also had to remove the cooling fan assembly to gain access to the hose fitting on the power steering pump.

So far, the fluid level has held steady from what I can tell, but I will check it again tomorrow. Might be a good idea to hit the rack with a car wash wand to clean up fluid from the old leaky hose.

Maybe I won't need a new rack afterall. :smile:
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