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Leather Seats & Other Mods

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Hi folks! I've searched the web for black leather seats for my 02 Intrepid SE. No luck. I'd rather not go the route of leatherette seat covers, but it's slim pickings.

Also, I'm interested in a black dashboard & leaving the analog instrument cluster to upgrade to digital. Ebay and other sites don't have anything to fit.

Any suggestions or niche places on the net specializing in the LHS platform for modifications?
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No one specializes in modding LHs other than the LH community itself right here and at the 300M Club ( Everything everyone has done that wasn't factory on another model is one-off custom.

If you want a fully digital instrument cluster, then I hope you have a degree in electrical and software engineering.

Leather seats are easy enough if you have access to a pick-n-pull. Find a good set from an LHS/Concorde Limited or 300M and swap it into your car. Intrepid and Concorde had leatherette seats, if that's your flavor.
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