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so me and my roomie were cruising about 1am in his bone stock lebaron v6 (3.0L) sedan, and we see this black prelude with a wing go by on the cross street. we think it's a guy we know so we chased him. well, it turned out to be a massive rice POS with a big wing, which actually looked pretty good, but a fake VTEC badge and some stupid stickers on each side. we start flashin the lights and he popped the clutch a couple times and revved up. when the road opened up he floored it and we did too. we proceeded to put a length on him from 45 to 75 then we let off and he gave the obligatory salute as we laughed our arses off and turned off the road.

so no, it's not intrepid related, but it's mopar related and it's damn funny. chalk another ricer downed by a mopar.
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