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Just got back from a trip to Scotland. Chrysler has left hand drive Magnums in the U.K. with Chrysler 300 front end sheet metal. Kind of nice looking.
Looks like just a bolt on change.
Didn't get a chance to drive one. With gas at about $8.00 per gallon, I rented a Vaxhall wagon with a two liter and a five speed. Not a bad mid size car, but a little low on power. Actually I'm a little suprised that GM dosen't bring the car over here, maybe badged as an entry level Buick.
The other thing they got tons of over there, is little vans. Can't believe that Chrysler, GM, and Ford dont let us have these. Little diesel delivery trucks that get near 40 MPG, but we can't have them. Go figure.
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