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Let's get it rollin...

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I posted this as a reply to the kills thread, but I repost it here to get the ball rollin :)

Most recently:

02 BMW 325Ci(I think it was a Ci). And this was with 87 octane :) It was pretty even. He pulled about a 1.5-2 car lengths on me from a dead stop but from about 30 on I showed him what MOPAR muscle was all about. Least until that speed limiter kicked in :mad:

300-IS I have raced two. Most recently I beat a guy real bad. I think he wasn't quite used to the F1 style steering wheel shifter yet :) The other race was much closer, back and forth. But in the end I pulled harder and longer :)

I've beaten so many civics, preludes and v6 camaro/mustangs it's not worth mentioning. Although I will say I was humbled one day but a stock looking(except for the extremely lowered suspension) Civic EX. I roll up and at first it wasn't even a thought. But we both kept rolling into the throttle. Once we were at WOT he was pulling me harder that my buddies 99 Mustang GT. In my defense the damn tranny wasn't downshifting into 2nd and I later found out he had quite a large turbo inside that little civic :p The worst part is I had a buddy in the car with me(the guy that had the 99 GT) :( Much ribbing from that race

Buschman :mad:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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