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I'm looking to get a radar detector and was wondering what the best one made is. I do want one where the main sensing unit is mounted behind the bumper cover and the only thing in the car is the display unit (which I can hide somewhere). The other thing is that I want VG2 technology to help hide the detector. I know VA uses radar 90% of the time and my old detector had VG2 and they never knew that I picked up thier radar emissions way down the road. I could drive right by them with it blaring and they never knew it was on. Any suggestions and brands- I plan on having this installed in Maryland (where I'm orginally from and absolutely detest Va State and thier efforts to make money by blocking radar detectors.)
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Here's a good link to some head-to head-testing as well as info on what new in the world of Radar and Detectors.

Head-to-Head Tests

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