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Limp mode - whining noise

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Hello everyone. Just picked up a 94 base intrepid. 3.3 engine.

Here is some data. At cold start. Transmission shifts perfect until warm
Then whine noise , then does a jerk into limp mode

Shut off car to let cool a bit, restart. shifts normally until problem returns
At this point, reverse will not engage right away. Might take a few moments after raising the RPM before reverse kicks in.

I had similar problem in another intrepid. Replacing the TCM fixed it perfect. Except that car I don't recall hearing the whine noise

Going to try getting codes read .. What are your thoughts? I tend to think these problems are more due to system control than mechanical failure.

Thanks for your thoughts. This is a great forum

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More data..
Did a drain of some fluid by way of hand pump. Got out some of the fluid but surely much more remains of the old. Added Lucas transmission fix, and then ATF4. All told approximately 5qts drained

The car is now drive able to either the transmission shop or to its Resting place. Actually I may pull the engine and trans as a unit. Just seems easier than having to get the car high in the air. Plus we can do needed engine work.

Symptoms now is slipping is reduced. But the range of shifting is erratic as well as downshift. Whine noise is present. But reduced. It seemed to increase once I swapped out the TCM.. I will put the original back in ..

When engine/trans is cold, trans works best. Nearly normal actually. I still have a hunch another fluid change by hand pump could improve drive ability. But of course all looking like a rebuild is necessary at this point. Something floating in the old fluid could either be clutch material or old gasket material . I may decide to drop the pan. But it might just be a waste of time and $$$,,,

Enjoy hearing comments and tips.
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