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Well, let me put it this way, I am looking for the least expensive solution for a seized up rear-end for a 2001 Ford E350 ambulance. According to the door sticker it has an E2 axle, which another page translates to Dana 4:10 gears. A whole salvage axle would be fine with me, but if it would be cheaper to get just the differential unit, or get this unit rebuilt, I'm game. Anyone have any ideas on where I should look or advice on the most cost effective route to take? This is for an ambulance at the service where I work. The truck has sat for a couple years but I checked all the rubber goods under the hood and everything seems to be intact and in decent shape, no electrical compromise from rodents or anything. We desperately need a spare ambulance as we've lost quite a bit of money on missed interfacility transfers just this year due to a failed turbocharger in the other transfer truck and then hitting a deer with it a couple months later.

Some helpful information, for anyone who might know, would be:
What years would the rear axle/differential unit interchange? First gen 1999-2007 or what?
What models would interchange? Whole axle for dually E350/E450s and/or F350/F450s, differential unit from single rear wheel applications of E/F3/450s maybe? I need to cast a wider net than I have been as there are extremely few "2001 Ford E350 Ambulance Axles" that I can find, but if I could, for instance, look for a "2000 F450 Rear Differential" and all the other variants I would have better luck maybe.

More info for anyone willing to help with research:
Make: Ford
Model Year: 2001
Model: E350 (Super Duty???)
Vehicle Type: Van Chassis, Dual Wheel
VIN: 1FDWE35F51HB31742
Engine: 7.3l Diesel
GVWR Range: 10,001 - 14,000 lbs
Manufacturer: Wheeled Coach
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