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Looking for RFI Module: Mopar #4592123

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My RFI module took a dump a few days back. Radiator fans run all the time. I don't need the extra cooling power this time of year (and yes, it's not the A/C transducer). I removed the high-speed fan relay as to not burn out the fan motor.

Of course Chrysler no longer carries this part. eBay is equally useless. lists some complete radiator assemblies w. condenser attached in Ontario but I don't want to have to buy extra parts just for one silly module.

Does anyone here have one lying around (or two, or three)? Apparently this part was used beyond the LH platform.
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I may have one under the house. No clue on it's "goodness" but was working when pulled 6 years ago.

You are talking about the part mounted on the fan shroud yes?
Yes, it’s the module that sits on the fan shroud.
I will root around tomorrow. I know I have atleast one fan shroud down there for sure.
One I have. been ins storage for some time.

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Looks like the connector is partially melted in the last pic. Did it overheat or make contact with something?
Was firmly connected to the motor. I would assume it's never been removed and this is from the large amp draw it sees when in high fan mode.
I’ll show the pics to my mechanic to get his opinion on the connector.

What are you looking to get for the RFI?
Just cover shipping really.
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