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Looking for Solenoid Pack: Mopar #4539766

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About a month ago, my 94 started randomly going into limp mode. I had a local transmission shop retrieve codes from the TCM using a MT-2500 scan tool and two codes are currently stored in the TCM: 38 and 42 (42 according to the FSM causes the TCM to enter limp mode when it detects a fault with the 2/4 solenoid).

The transmission is the original factory unit and is in otherwise good shape for the age (I never had any problems with it up until last month in the 10+ years I've owned the car) and there's no other visible faults with it (wiring is good, fluid is good, etc).

Just like the RFI module, Chrysler no longer carries the solenoid pack for the 42LE/A606 (even filters are starting to become a problem; guess who's been using them up over the years :cool:). Aftermarket has nothing either, and the transmission shop I'm dealing with is having a hard time finding a solenoid pack through their own suppliers. Also, these solenoid packs can't be rebuilt (at least according to the trans shop).

The car is drivable, but it's becoming a PITA turning off the car and restarting it in the middle of traffic to get out of limp mode. Highway driving is out of the question.

Does anyone have a working Mopar solenoid pack lying around somewhere? does not list the solenoid pack as a separate unit and there's only two complete 1st gen transmissions listed in Ontario (and I know the first yard listed doesn't have it because they never update their inventory).

I asked in another thread, but did the the #4539766 part number carry on into the 2nd gen? Was the solenoid pack the same throughout the whole LH run (93-04)?
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Just like the RFI module, Chrysler no longer carries the solenoid pack for the 42LE/A606 (even filters are starting to become a problem; guess who's been using them up over the years :cool:). Aftermarket has nothing either, and the transmission shop I'm dealing with is having a hard time finding a solenoid pack through their own suppliers. Also, these solenoid packs can't be rebuilt (at least according to the trans shop).
If you haven't gotten the solenoid pack to install yourself and are planning to have a shop do it, you may want to check with other shops since the remans are still available.

Yes, most of the online Mopar shops are out of the NOS solenoid packs, but it may be worth it to have a local Dodge/Chrysler dealer do their system search. However, decent transmission shops (location links below) use several reman transmission parts suppliers in the US and Canada that likely have the solenoid packs (as well as most of the other 42LE/A606 parts). See photos below of one of the reman solenoid packs I got a while back on sale - reman p/n 62420 or 62420R may be a standard number (haven't had need to install it yet). And if the shop told you that they can't be rebuilt, that is obviously incorrect. Of course the reman suppliers do it with the kits I show below (TransTec & Sonnax). It takes careful work with the little fiddly parts, so most shops will just get a reman solenoid pack and return the core to their supplier. Obviously, if you have the shop do it, you want them to order the part so they will give you a warranty on it. Getting a reman off ebay rather than a known transmission parts supplier can obviously be hit or miss. When I researched this a while back, there were some trans parts suppliers online (most associated with TranStar, TransTec and Sonnax) that would also sell retail to do-it-yourselfers, but I didn't keep a list.

For trans work it is best to go to an independed ATRA certified shop (do not go to chain shops like AAMCO - terrible). ATRA certified shops are in the US and Canada. Other independent ATRA shops will honor the warranty from a member shop.
For Canada probably need to call 1-866-GO4-ATRA (1-866-464-2872)
Or check Western Canada Chapter site or call 604 254-6288 to see if they can refer you in the east.
ATRA Western Canada Chapter

Here are photos of the reman solenoid, gasket/screen (from an online Mopar dealer), TransTec & Sonnax rebuild parts. The top sticker on the TransTec rebuilt kit shown below says A604, but the Transtec bag label says A604/A606 so it works for both.

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I understand. I'd suggest calling the two ATRA numbers, telling them the situation, and seeing if they can recommend any shops in your area. Like I said, if you supply the part there likely won't be any warranty on it - that's the way it works here.

I don't know if $500 CAN ($365 US?) is a good price if they are NOT going to include the part. What is involved is draining the fluid, dropping the valve body and solenoid pack, replacing fluid/filter/gasket - can see the FSM, pdf on this site.

If an ATRA shop can get the part, then I believe you've got a nationwide warranty in their network (ask). When I talked with my nearby ATRA shop just a couple of years ago they said they can still get most of the 42LE/A606 parts they need from several suppliers. Of course other than the NOS Mopar trans parts from a few online dealers and ebay sallers it is all aftermarket now, and a shop wouldn't use those suppliers anyway. But there are plenty of good aftermarket transmission parts makers.

Rockauto and others have the aftermarket solenoid packs if you want to go that route rather than the shop supply it. Looks like only one left from Standard Motor Products for the '94 3.3L (should be same 3.5L?). Not cheap, but the other SMP parts I've bought were good quality. However getting warranty service for a Rockauto purchase is probably not possible (another reason to go through a shop). Don't know anything about the other brand listed, and it is much more expensive.

Obviously, start at the top menu to make sure for your particular car, but I think this is it:
1994 DODGE INTREPID 3.3L V6 Shift Solenoid | RockAuto
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Amazon also has the SMP part, with 30 days return (one in stock, free ship US, not sure CAN). See the reviews though - a bad one is always possible.
Not sure at all, but I think the Mopar reman number may have been RL539766. Dealer and good shops would know.
See the photos on this ebay listing, showing the casing stamped 4539766

edit: The 4539749 number in the ebay title is also on the casting, but that may just be the casting part number. The Recon brand reman I have has both numbers on the casting.
Other POSSIBLE (no guarantee) interchange aftermarket p/ns for Mopar 4539766 or Mopar RL539766:

214-1873, 2141873, 2N1210, 57-6504 (older Carquest), SBE4942 (Newer Carquest), ATS133, S9862, TCS52 (Standard Motor Products), TCS566 (NAPA/Echlin), TKS14, TCS96, 2N1210 (Wells), S9862 (BWD), 57-6504, ATS133, 62420R (Recon)

Besides the SMP, Rockauto listed (most no current stock): 772048 (Pioneer), 61936 (PA Cargo), 520552 (Rostra), and the Wells 2N1210.

The Wells part info page on Rockauto does show the Mopar reman number RL539766.

Walmart, 90 days

O'Reilly, showing in stock in US:
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O'Reilly page says limited lifetime warranty on the SMP solenoid pack (probably their warranty not SMP). If a shop can get parts through places like O'Reily they may be willing to give you parts & labor warranty if they buy it. If they get a shop discount, with their normal markup your price may be the same anyway (or just a bit more); and you get the parts/labor warranty.
Yeah, the policies from shop to shop vary. Around here no shop will warranty their labor to replace a bad part if they didn't supply it (and add their parts markup).

I forgot about the exchange rate (edited previous post), so they are saying about $365 US for labor only, which may be OK with inflation, I just don't know anymore with everything going up so crazy. Grocery prices here are up 100% on some items.

That Mopar number may actually be a new part rather than a reman, don't know, but "R" usually meant reman. Chrysler did weird things with the updated part numbers. In the old Mopar transmission reman catalog, the solenoid pack was included in the reman valve assembly - you got the whole big assembly.
Of course as you probably know, ebay is always a gamble compared to local or shop sourcing. No returns on auto parts with many sellers, and unlike other stuff ebay may not assist if there is a problem on auto parts. I like to have the shop take the risk on parts. Or else I install the Rockauto closeout priced parts myself (and waste a weekend, or more). The closeout Recon reman solenoid pack I got was only around $60, and if I ever need it, I'll then try the Transtec/Sonnex rebuild kits on the original pack. Trans shop here said only the old guys did that. There's a page online (maybe on allpar?) where a guy shows how to rebuild them with a lot of careful work.
In case you didn't see it, here's Ebay Canada listing, C $275.19 or best offfer :

Forgot to mention it wouldn't have come up because the seller just posted it with what the Wells Rockauto info page and others (below) show is that later superseding Mopar number RL539766 and the shell casting number on top - 4539749. The 4539766 for the assembly is shown in the third ebay picture stamped on the side. And the gasket/screen/plate is also included, which was formerly listed separate, at least in the '94 parts catalog.

Again no guarantee on all this, but for others viewing the thread for solenoid pack info, the pages linked below (out of stock) do show interchange with RL539766, and the last six digits are obviously the same as the original p/n 4539766. I do think the "R" probably stands for Mopar remanufactured (L? unknown), as is the case with other parts in the old Mopar reman catalogs where they just add the R onto the beginning of the p/n, then sometimes with AA, AB, AC, added to the end for subsequent production. (Some new non-reman interchangeable Mopar parts that superseded previous ones got a whole new part number with no R.)

Others may have the same issue not being able to get the discontinued Mopar solenoid pack, but could use the interchange list I prevoiusly posted for an aftermarket one. Unfortunately, some of of the aftermarket may now be low-quality coming from China and that's why the shop guy said he had problems. For others reading, if you are going to buy it yourself rather than having the shop get it (always ask them the shop policy first on this) I'd probably go with the BWD or Carquest (BWD relabeled), Standard Motor Products, NAPA (Echlin brand), and maybe Wells. Most local shops also source from NAPA, so could get the parts/labor warranty.

Let us know later how things work out with the repair.

(middle of page "valve body control")
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One more thing for the others who may be reading the thread looking for the 42LE/A606 solenoid pack. Like I wrote, NAPA also has it (Echlin Brand) and most shops also will also get parts from NAPA and then you get the shop's parts & labor warranty.
ECH TCS566 (ECH=Echlin) - that part number TCS566 is in the previous interchange list I posted, so I edited to show it is a NAPA part.

Looks like Advance Auto has the Carquest part with the newer Carquest part number SBE4942, and some shops will get Carquest parts through Advance Auto or if you still have a local Carquest store (Advance bought Carquest and closed many stores, but still carries the parts line). Carquest used to source engine and trans control/sensor parts through BWD or SMP, or Wells in their cheaper line, but I don't know who is making their controls now.

Same deal if a local shop will source from O'Reilly, where they could get the SMP solenoid TCS52.

Can also obviously have your local Dodge/Chrysler dealer search that supeseding Mopar number RL539766 and see if any are still available in their system (on a dusty shelf in some dealer warehouse). That part number should come up in their system searching on the original p/n 4539766, but if not , you can show them this Mopar parts page I listed showing it as an alternate p/n. (1st Gen Intrepid not shown in drop down list, but '94 and up Concord & LHS shown, which uses same 42LE/A606 trans):

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