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Looking for Solenoid Pack: Mopar #4539766

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About a month ago, my 94 started randomly going into limp mode. I had a local transmission shop retrieve codes from the TCM using a MT-2500 scan tool and two codes are currently stored in the TCM: 38 and 42 (42 according to the FSM causes the TCM to enter limp mode when it detects a fault with the 2/4 solenoid).

The transmission is the original factory unit and is in otherwise good shape for the age (I never had any problems with it up until last month in the 10+ years I've owned the car) and there's no other visible faults with it (wiring is good, fluid is good, etc).

Just like the RFI module, Chrysler no longer carries the solenoid pack for the 42LE/A606 (even filters are starting to become a problem; guess who's been using them up over the years :cool:). Aftermarket has nothing either, and the transmission shop I'm dealing with is having a hard time finding a solenoid pack through their own suppliers. Also, these solenoid packs can't be rebuilt (at least according to the trans shop).

The car is drivable, but it's becoming a PITA turning off the car and restarting it in the middle of traffic to get out of limp mode. Highway driving is out of the question.

Does anyone have a working Mopar solenoid pack lying around somewhere? does not list the solenoid pack as a separate unit and there's only two complete 1st gen transmissions listed in Ontario (and I know the first yard listed doesn't have it because they never update their inventory).

I asked in another thread, but did the the #4539766 part number carry on into the 2nd gen? Was the solenoid pack the same throughout the whole LH run (93-04)?
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Wow, nothing guys? Might have to scrap the 94. ;)
Thanks for the link. Trying to avoid going the eBay route but I may have no alternative.

Sad there’s nothing available for these transmissions locally anymore.
Leaning towards this unit here:
Product Font Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Screenshot

The seller advised me that these are third-party rebuilt solenoid packs and that it is not a genuine Mopar rebuild despite being listed as a OEM Mopar solenoid pack and showing the Mopar casting with the part number in the pic.

I've asked if the seller knows who the supplier is for these remans. Still waiting on that. They are offering a one-year warranty.

Seems that no one carries any new Mopar solenoid packs or official Mopar remans for the 42LE/A606.
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But it may be worth it to have a local Dodge/Chrysler dealer do their system search.
Did that. None of the Chrysler dealers in my area have anything in stock for the 42LE/A606 (and their computers allow them to check cross-country and even the USA). Chrysler Vintage has nothing either. Only thing I can get locally for these transmissions is fluid and filters (and as I said earlier, even filters are becoming obsolete). Depressing, but true. But that's the state of the LH in 2023.
However, decent transmission shops (location links below) use several reman transmission parts suppliers in the US and Canada that likely have the solenoid packs
I've gone to several transmission shops - they don't have anything in stock for the 42LE. There was one shop in Mississauga, ON that was able to source an aftermarket solenoid pack through their supplier, but I was strongly encouraged not to buy an aftermarket solenoid pack since they tend to fail right out of the box (and this fellow has had plenty of experience working on the 42LE when they were fresh and widely in use).
Getting a reman off ebay rather than a known transmission parts supplier can obviously be hit or miss.
I agree, but my options are very limited in my neck of the woods (Southern Ontario, Canada).
Other independent ATRA shops will honor the warranty from a member shop.
Same shop that suggested not to buy an aftermarket solenoid pack quoted me $500 for labor and they can have the car ready the same day. I already have the fluid and filter ready to go - just need to find a good, dependable solenoid pack to make this happen. I also bought my own MT-2500 scanner so I can do the quick learn procedure on my own.
Here are photos of the reman solenoid, gasket/screen (from an online Mopar dealer), TransTec & Sonnax rebuild parts.
I'll take a look into this, thanks.
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Like I said, if you supply the part there likely won't be any warranty on it - that's the way it works here.
That's not entirely true. If Chrysler had supplied the solenoid pack I would have been given a two year warranty - regardless of who installs the part. The trans shop that has an aftermarket solenoid pack in stock is offering 6 months warranty - but I was advised by the shop owner to steer clear of aftermarket solenoid packs based on their prior experience working on the 42LE.

eBay, etc. is a PITA when it comes to warranties and that's why I don't really care for online shopping when it comes to big-item automotive parts.
Not sure, but $500 seems a bit steep to me
Well considering that the average hourly labor rate for mechanics is about $120-140/hr in the Greater Toronto Area, that's not a bad price (some independent shops run around $90/hr for labor). Of course, Canada is far more expensive when it comes to automotive repair than 'Murica, amongst other things.
Rockauto has the solenoid packs if you want to go that route
Saw that. They currently want $300.75 Canadian for it + shipping. Not happening for an aftermarket part (they also have a Rostra one advertised as well and they're asking $474.53! o_O)
I wonder why this one didn't show on I'll throw in a best offer and see what happens (although the exchange rate between US and CDN will be killer).
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I like to have the shop take the risk on parts.
The reality is if the replacement solenoid pack fails again within a short time I'm done with my 94. I can put up with a lot of bulls*it (and I have over the years with this car) but dealing with a troublesome transmission with minimal parts availability (at least in my area) is where I draw the line.
Brought the car to Chrysler today to change out the solenoid pack (I purchased the Mopar reman unit from eBay). Other indy trans shop that gave me the $500 estimate suddenly got cold feet and didn't want to deal with my 42LE. Needless to say, the "new" solenoid pack did not fix the 2/4 Solenoid Circuit Error (Code 42) and the trans went back into limp mode about a kilometre later after leaving the dealer.

I checked the codes again with my MT-2500: still getting Codes 42 and 38. Trans guy at Chrysler was impressed with the condition of the transmission (no metal particles or burnt trans fluid - everything inside was clean). Unfortunately he doesn't deal with electrical faults (wiring, computers, etc.). FSM states that the other possible root causes for the Code 42 is the TCM could be failing or there's some wiring issue in the trans harness somewhere.
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Going to take apart the TCM today to see what’s up. Hopefully there is obvious signs of wear and I’ll replace it with another TCM (supposedly some used units are available in my area according to

If that doesn’t work then it’s new car time. Nobody wants to diagnose/repair the transmission harness.
Went ahead and removed the original factory TCM from my 94. Upon initial inspection, I discovered that the casing for one of the capacitors came off leaving the capacitor completely unshielded (I could hear something rattle inside the TCM housing). Not sure if that's enough for the TCM to constantly trigger a Code 42 and leave the trans in limp mode.

There's not much else that can be visually inspected inside the TCM since Chrysler used a weird sort of jello-like material to protect the TCM's electrical components. Doesn't look like this gooey substance wants to come off either. I guess they didn't want mechanics/enthusiasts to attempt to recap these units.

I've got a replacement TCM on hand and will be installing that shortly. The part number is slightly different (came from a 95 Intrepid) but all the chips on the logic board seem to be the same. No rattling noises in that one, although I did run into a problem with one of the T-20 torx screws shearing off from its head. Now there's part of the bolt stuck inside one of the threads. I tried hammering it out with no success. Is there another alternative to drilling? Don't really want to damage the thread.

Anyway, pics:
Gas Auto part Technology Machine Engineering

Original factory TCM unit from 1994 (Part #4759066)
Font Gas Auto part Machine Wood

Capacitor carnage inside the 94 TCM
Gas Auto part Metal Bumper Tool

Replacement TCM unit from a 95 Intrepid (notice different part number #4606109)
Wood Gas Screw Auto part Automotive exterior

Capacitors appear OK in the 95 unit
Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Wood Gas

60-pin connector. Doesn't appear to have any corrosion and severed wires. Is there anything else to look for with these?
Automotive tire Electrical wiring Motor vehicle Bumper Gas

Light Wood Gas Motor vehicle Font

Remnants of T-20 bolt that broke off on the 95 unit.
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But! Does your car have a factory security system? Does it have the blocking light on the dash?
Yes, it's got every option for 94 minus the sunroof (keyless, security, the light on the dash, premium BCM, etc).
If the car you got the TCM from was a premium with anti theft
All I know is it came from a 95 Intrepid with the 3.5L engine and the chips on that logic board all seem to match the chips on my 94's TCM. Only thing different is the part number (4759066 vs. 4606109).
Installed the "new" TCM from the 95 Intrepid. Took the car for a long drive through the city and on the highway in light traffic. No limp mode thus far. However, the Code 38 returned, which is an error involving the torque converter, so my nearly three decades old transmission is showing some wear (fortunately the 38 error does not force the trans into limp mode unlike Code 42).
Rectangle Font Wood Technology Gas

One noticeable thing - the Mopar solenoid pack I got from eBay is far more quieter than the original 94 factory unit. I can hardly hear the trademark Chrysler Buzz-Tic noise when coming to a stop or selecting a gear in idle. Too bad - I like that sound. It's as distinctive as the Chrysler "Hummingbird" starter sound.
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Take the time to re-cap your original TCM and see what happens?
I might. Not sure how I'm going to remove all that protective Vaseline to get to the logic board though.

There's roughly 10 other LH TCMs within a 100-kilometre radius from my house (according to Some are for a 3.3L engine. Would those also be compatible with my 94 3.5L? Might as well stock up since these wrecking yards are throwing away old parts at an alarming rate.
Drove the car in heavy traffic today. Replacement TCM seems to be holding up (no limp mode).

On the topic of TCMs, has anyone tried installing a TCM from a 97 Prowler into their LH? I've read that the shifts are supposed to be firmer compared to the stock LH TCM.
There was a thread here about Prowler TCMs.
In my neck of the woods, you'd never find one in the wild, let alone a salvage yard.
Well there were only 400-something units produced for the 97 model year and AFAIK those are the only ones that "should" work in a 1st gen (the 99 to 02 years were different). But one can dream, right?
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