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Most clunking, clanging, rattles, etc in the front end can be easily located if you watch real closely while someone moves the steering wheel back and forth. If at a pivot point you see one piece move and the other not...that's your culprit.
Inner tie rod bushing are around $10 and take about an hour to install. When they wear out, they cause quite a bit of play in the front end and can cause a "THUMP!" when coming to a stop and when starting off. If one is worn more than the other (more slop) it can make the car pull to one side, cause the steering wheel to be off center and wear a tire like an alignment problem. When they get REAL BAD like mine were (93 Concorde w125K miles), they can cause vibration in the steering like a wheel bearing about to come apart.
If you can do a spark plug change, you should be able to handle inner tie rod bushings. There are several threads elsewhere on the board about them.

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