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Hey Guys, I am up in Toronto Canada. (OBTW. 93 Concord 3.5 L) It has started to drop below freezing overnight. That sucks alone but... I go to start the Cord today and I hear a very loud Tapping sound. I know what my valves sound like and it wasn't that. It almost sounded like an electrical arc. Very loud and very fast. Well I immediatly shut the car off and check all the fluids. Everything is fine. Restart and sure enough... still tapping. :mad: Well I have to get to work and I am not about to call a cab seeing as I am already late. So I scrape the windows and hop in. Shut it down one more time just incase this will fix it. Luckily it did... the sound stopped. I checked the error codes when I got to work to see if the damned computer knew anything but no luck there. Anyone every heard of this before? It scares the heck of me. Seeing as this is my only means of transportation around this Freakin Metropolis! Any hints will be cool. Thanks guys.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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