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The talk of problems with lowering the LH cars seems to be a vibration problem. Eibach said they had to many complain that the cars developed a high speed vibration so they stopped the springs. I've been working with Dreamspeed and Intrax to come up with a new spring and swaybars and what we have come up with is that the cars have high speed vibration problems to begin with. It seems like an OEM tire problem, as can be seen by several TSB's from DC. Infact I just put new tires/wheels on last week and it took car of my problem. Intrax has said that of all the sets they have sold they have only heard from 1 or 2 people with vibrations. But this was before we research this tire problem out. So they didn't inform these people that they need to try to rotate the tires to see if it goes away. If you look at some of the 300M sights, you hear a lot of people with this vibration/shimmy problem. Seems like the new gen LH cars do pick up tire problems more so than most cars.
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